Doctor Who tweets of @sub_ethr

2013-03-02 15:46:31 +1000For those who came in late: I've dedicated myself to the epic task of watching #DoctorWho complete. 1963 to 2013. All within the year 2013!
2013-03-02 15:52:17 +1000To complete this task on time for the 50th Anniversary, I need to watch 70-80 minutes per day. Every single day! I may hate it afterwards...
2013-03-02 15:57:14 +1000At time of creating this account, I've watched up to The Web Planet. Recap of stories thus far will follow... :)
2013-03-02 16:02:56 +1000shoutout: I'm reading as I go. Provides great cultural context for each story, and I like his take on fandom too
2013-03-02 16:03:53 +1000#Doctor1: An Unearthly Child. I'm agreeing with the idea that this is a single episode story. A great introduction to the series
2013-03-02 16:11:32 +1000#Doctor1: 100,000 BC: A nice time-travel 3 parter, but takes a little time to get used to the slower pace of story telling.
2013-03-02 16:13:28 +1000#Doctor1: The Daleks: Worth it just for the intro to a classic monster (though Ian controlling a Dalek seems like self-parody already!)
2013-03-02 16:22:51 +1000#Doctor1: The Edge of Destruction: I like the idea of the TARDIS as an intelligence here. Something mysteriously more than a mere ship...
2013-03-02 16:24:56 +1000#Doctor1: Marco Polo: a great shame this hasn't been found. I watched the reconstruction of all 7 parts. I'd say it was worth it
2013-03-02 16:26:03 +1000#Doctor1: The Keys of Marinus: some great individual ideas here, but the wrapping story is a bit lacking :/
2013-03-02 16:27:26 +1000#Doctor1: The Aztecs: I love how Barbara, a history teacher, immediately recognises and dates the era - and proceeds to robs the grave. wtf!
2013-03-02 22:38:49 +1000"A dislike for the unlike" - description of the Daleks, by the Thals, in The Ambush. (The Daleks ep4)
2013-03-03 01:27:06 +1000"We do not have to adapt to the environment. We will change the environment to suit us" - a Dalek in The Ambush (The Daleks ep4)
2013-03-04 20:12:55 +1000#Doctor1: The Sensorites: nice series of bait and switches regarding the identity of the villians. Yet another way the Ood referenced this
2013-03-04 20:16:17 +1000#Doctor1: The Reign of Terror: Decent enough historical drama, but would be hard to pick a logical subset of DW where this was best
2013-03-07 02:13:14 +1000I'm still in tweet catchup mode here btw. I started Season2 back on the 19th February :)
2013-03-07 02:13:34 +1000#Doctor1: Planet of Giants: Now into Season2, The Doctor is starting to feel like the modern character. This story is pretty fun :)
2013-03-07 02:17:24 +1000#Doctor1: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: First return of the great enemy. Plot is a bit ridiculous and long, and, Goodbye Susan!
2013-03-07 02:21:06 +1000Leaving Susan behind is the context for the oft-quoted "I shall come back" scene of #Doctor1. But he hasn't, yet! what's with that?
2013-03-07 04:08:20 +1000#Doctor1: The Rescue: a bit of a throwaway (though not entirely without merit) story to introduce Vicki
2013-03-07 04:10:13 +1000#Doctor1: The Romans: This one is a bit of a farce - in the comedic sense. Best can be said is this has some nice ideas, poorly executed
2013-03-07 19:45:06 +1000#Doctor1: The Web Planet: I liked this, but more than any other so far, this shows the eras theatrical roots. Representation over realism.
2013-03-07 20:27:28 +1000#Doctor1: The Crusade: This story didn't really grab me, but then, this period of history doesn't appeal to me so much at the best of times
2013-03-09 09:40:19 +1000Expect a change of tweet styles from here. It was at the end of The Crusade that I started this twitter and began taking notes for it :)
2013-03-12 01:51:18 +1000#Doctor1: The Space Museum: quote: "or, we're not really here, Hmmm!"
2013-03-13 02:34:47 +1000"The least important things, sometimes, my dear boy, lead to the greatest discoveries" —The #Doctor1 chastises Ian in The Dimensions of Time
2013-03-13 02:36:48 +1000"I fooled them all. I am the master" — #Doctor1 in The Dimensions of Time. What's more, he says this in a Dalek imitation voice. Hilarious!
2013-03-13 02:38:28 +1000that last quote could make for interesting retcons, given later characters, eh!
2013-03-13 22:26:58 +1000Too much gold to pass up a gif of this actually...
2013-03-13 23:31:48 +1000Ian Chesterton. Cardigan Biter!
2013-03-13 23:35:26 +1000#Doctor1: The Search (The Space Museum ep3): It's pretty cool to see Vicki as a hacker! (… #7)
2013-03-18 08:22:26 +1000#Doctor1: The Final Phase (The Space Museum ep4): "There are no tricks in science. Only facts" — Lobos
2013-03-18 09:23:48 +1000I'd thought that seeing "through" the TARDIS doors was new in 2005. But seeing 'out' has been common already. In The Chase, we see in! =D
2013-03-18 09:36:11 +1000@Natira_NRW no, Internet here isn't suitable to rely on streaming.
2013-03-18 13:56:03 +1000@AmandaMandingo Will check your vids later :) Have 47 years of eps to go to catch up to Clara ;) (but i think she's very cool/intriguing =)
2013-03-18 15:20:17 +1000@Natira_NRW have you seen the project?
2013-03-18 22:54:13 +1000@Natira_NRW no prob. The quality varies (and they redo old recons with newer techniques) so quite watchable in general :)
2013-03-19 00:36:08 +1000Other neat things from The Chase: I think this is the first time we see the TARDIS traveling through space from the outside?
2013-03-19 17:21:31 +1000#Doctor1: The Chase: my favourite! example of poor/slow editing so far. Panning around the empty ship for SIXTY SLOW SECONDS. Slow chase...
2013-03-19 20:44:45 +1000#Doctor1: The Death of Doctor Who (Chase ep 5) has Evil Robot Us's (one anyway). It's clear that #BillandTed was just ripping this off! ;)
2013-03-19 21:39:03 +1000The Death of #DoctorWho: ...episode ended about a minute after a perfect cliffhanger! Not the first offence, editing team!
2013-03-19 21:43:41 +1000#Doctor1: The Planet of Decision (The Chase ep6): spectacular finale, quite batman-esque!
2013-03-19 21:45:33 +1000#Doctor1: The Chase - I think this story is also the first time the Time Rotor is named? :)
2013-03-19 21:49:21 +1000#Doctor1: Barbara and Ian. You were fantastic, and farewell scenes felt very modern. I love how the Doctor concedes he'll miss them!
2013-03-19 22:06:04 +1000So my tweets are to The Time Meddler (Jul 65). Watching is at The Massacre (Feb 66), but by schedule, should be at The Smugglers! (Oct 66)
2013-03-19 22:11:54 +1000#DoctorWho As farewell to Ian & Barbara, here is an attempt to date #TheAztecs.…
(tl;dr: 8 August 1496, maybe)
2013-03-20 20:31:40 +1000#Doctor1: The Watcher (The Time Meddler ep1): The TARDIS always disguises itself as a rather improbably shaped local rocky outcrop? Yay!
2013-03-20 20:33:23 +1000Clearly the Chameleon Circuit need never be mentioned again - it's a solved mystery! Just an infinite improbability circuit. #DoctorWho
2013-03-20 21:20:50 +1000#Doctor1: The perfect WTF moment?
2013-03-20 21:45:50 +1000#Doctor1: The Time Meddler: The back and forth capture and release is a clear trope now, but better executed here than other stories so far
2013-03-20 21:46:56 +1000The Time Meddler: I think seeing another TARDIS represents a greater paradigm shift in the shows direction than is quite obvious at first
2013-03-20 22:51:21 +1000#Doctor1: The Time Meddler: faces in the credits? NEAT! I didn't know that was done in the Hartnell era, even as a once-off! =) #DoctorWho
2013-03-22 00:19:41 +1000Trap of Steel: "First we must observe, note, collate and then conclude. After that, perhaps, we can act!" -The Doctor to Vicki... #science
2013-03-22 00:20:21 +1000Trap of Steel: "I noticed, observed, collated, concluded... and then I threw the rock!" —Vicki leans from The Doctor #science #DoctorWho
2013-03-22 00:23:26 +1000The #Chumblies were a rubbish attempt at a new iconic robot or monster, but the design could still be cool. USB hub? #Roomba? #DoctorWho
2013-03-22 00:27:31 +1000#Doctor1: Galaxy4 - The Exploding Planet - has a great quote, but across two characters, and longer than a tweet. It follows... #DoctorWho
2013-03-22 00:28:51 +1000"What difference does it make what your form is" —Steven, to the Rill
2013-03-22 00:31:30 +1000"Importance lies in the character, and to what use you put this intelligence. We respect you - as we respect all life!" —Doctor, to the Rill
2013-03-22 18:33:27 +1000Mission to the Unknown. Goodbye Verity. What a stunning farewell episode! Groundbreaking to the last #doctorwho
2013-03-23 14:36:51 +1000Small Prophet, Quick Return (The Myth Makers ep2): Bit camp, but best comedy yet. They're nailing timing of the cliffhangers too #DoctorWho
2013-03-23 14:37:41 +1000The Myth Makers: wow, Vicki sure got the short straw with that write out :(
2013-03-23 14:38:56 +1000The Myth Makers: Overall, very enjoyable. The first story where the cliffhangers had me wanting/anticipating the way I remember as a kid
2013-03-23 16:02:45 +1000"A heroic warcry to apparently peaceful ends, is one of the greatest weapons a politician has" — Mavec Chen channels Göring in The Traitors
2013-03-24 11:15:50 +1000#Doctor1: The Daleks Master Plan: love the conflation of 'solar system', 'galaxy', and even 'universe' throughout. #doctorwho
2013-03-24 11:18:01 +1000#Doctor1: Feast Of Steven: personally, I love the fourth wall breaking. Couldn't be a regular thing, but great as a WTF once-off #DoctorWho
2013-03-24 23:42:44 +1000#Doctor1: Volcano: The TARDIS materialises in a cricket game, and nobody is startled. Douglas Adams was 13. Inspired by #DoctorWho?
2013-03-25 09:32:42 +1000#Doctor1: The #Daleks Master Plan: that WAS epic! Comedic highs and devastating ending. Not the best story, but a rollercoaster! #DoctorWho
2013-03-26 09:41:36 +1000#Doctor1: The Massacre: As far as stories which didn't capture my attention go, this was one of them. Because reconstruction? Or crap story?
2013-03-27 23:29:01 +1000The Ark: friendly captain, aggressive assistant, doomed planet, cargo is people. #DouglasAdams turned 14 as this aired. ...Golgafrinchams?
2013-03-29 12:23:07 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit I expect to either love the show more completely when I'm done, or be totally over it! Adventure either way! =)
2013-03-29 20:36:01 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit lol true. I don't expect to lose fandom... But I do expect it to be altered by the end!
2013-03-29 20:42:06 +1000@drwhofan_194 true, no reconstruction experience can be true, but some others have little original (Galaxy Four!) yet more watchable IMHO :)
2013-03-30 01:59:41 +1000@drwhofan_194 yeah, I'm sure I'd like #TheMassacre better if it were miraculously found, but won't speculate by how much :)
2013-03-30 02:01:42 +1000@drwhofan_194 I only saw the recon of Galaxy4. I will watch the recovered episode sometime down the track though :)
2013-03-30 02:03:27 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit heh! The more I get into this, the more I'm finding out how much is known that I don't know (or really care about, tbh!)
2013-03-30 02:11:35 +1000The Ark: first time we jump in time but not in space as plot advancement. It's a good (and obvious) device that is revisited, naturally! =)
2013-03-30 02:15:58 +1000The Ark: sadly, I largely agree with Eruditorum - this story highlights a run where the Doctor changes from youthful rebel to conservatism
2013-03-30 02:19:04 +1000Tis a real shame too, since by and large, the storytelling is good and easily overshadows this direction! Still, moving onto the Toymaker...
2013-03-31 11:53:54 +1000The Celestial Toymaker: Was this #DoctorWho's answer (what chronology?:) to the Star Wars Chrismas Special for unwatchability? Never again!
2013-04-01 09:24:25 +1000The Gunfighters: nice 'cliche bad western clothing' joke. I don't think #bttf was referencing this, but I could pretend, right? #DoctorWho
2013-04-01 23:29:49 +1000#DoctorWho: The Gunfighters: almost a musical, decades before #Buffy! Overall, I really liked this story. It seemed to come together well :)
2013-04-03 11:04:02 +1000#DoctorWho: The Savages: goodbye individual episode titles, hello "Part One". In fact, the first of 132 (if my math is right) "Part One"s =)
2013-04-03 14:13:40 +1000Also, helloooooo Reacting Vibrator! The Doctor has a gadget now... and I feel strangely tingly inside! #DoctorWho
2013-04-03 14:14:47 +1000Also also, hello quarry! We'll be seeing more of you later on too!
2013-04-03 14:16:34 +1000Now after so many helloes, a goodbye. Goodbye Steven. A poorly defined and varied companion, but an enjoyable one for all that #DoctorWho
2013-04-03 14:19:13 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit lol. Could be. In arguably entering a period of Who which is lacking an imaginative stories
2013-04-03 19:09:50 +1000Overall, I think The Savages was a bit unremarkable. #DoctorWho. Next: The War Machines!
2013-04-03 22:20:27 +1000For the record, tweets in sync with watching now. Am a full season behind my original schedule.
2013-04-03 22:23:10 +1000The War Machine: The Doctor has spidey senses now? wtf?
2013-04-03 22:23:38 +1000Wotan getting it's own credit. That's cute. #DoctorWho
2013-04-03 23:14:49 +1000What a terrible write out for Dodo. Sure, she was a pretty naff, but still should have gotten a better send-off than that! #DoctorWho
2013-04-03 23:16:31 +1000Skynet? Is that you? #TheWarMachines
2013-04-03 23:22:04 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit pretty appalling, yes :\
2013-04-03 23:27:54 +1000@ThetaSigmaTwit I think most characterisations from this era were made up as they went along. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not... :(
2013-04-04 09:18:23 +1000The War Machines: If ever there was a story to retcon the Brig into, surely it's this? #DoctorWho
2013-04-04 18:32:55 +1000The cutest thing I can say about The Smugglers is that it has a Captain Pike in it (from the same week that #StarTrek began ;) #DoctorWho
2013-04-06 12:00:36 +1000The Tenth Planet... I'm going to note here that I'm liking that the last few story/episode titles have been themed to the story. #DoctorWho
2013-04-07 01:58:54 +1000"Resistance is useless" - a cyberman. And I always did think that the Borg were a bit of a ripoff! ;) #DoctorWho
2013-04-07 02:54:32 +1000#DoctorWho ... Goodbye Hartnell. I really warmed to him through his run, and like Eccleston, wish there could have been more...
2013-04-08 08:33:53 +1000#DoctorWho: Power of The Daleks. I see where Victory of The Daleks calls back to this now. Neat. #Doctor2. #Daleks
2013-04-08 08:34:13 +1000Also, enjoying Troughton. I see scenes that could have been played by any future doctor already. More so than I ever saw with Hartnell
2013-04-08 08:36:26 +1000Oh, a positronic brain! As neat as that reference is, I'm sure that #Daleks are not #Asimov robots. But think of the crossover potential!
2013-04-08 14:06:38 +1000Oh, interesting cell bar pattern there. I wonder if it would be stronger? (Harder to make I bet). #PowerOfTheDaleks ep5
2013-04-08 14:23:09 +1000Story got me wondering: 49 years on, what is the earth population of #Daleks? (Let's say: lifesize props of TV usable quality) #DoctorWho
2013-04-08 17:44:07 +1000The Power of The Daleks was pretty good. A nice strong start for Patrick Troughton :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-08 23:46:36 +1000The Highlanders. #Doctor2 #DoctorWho. The last historical! Even in a recon, @WhoFrazer seems to easily steal the show.
2013-04-10 14:20:40 +1000The Underwater Menace was a bit of a lighthearted JamesBondian romp :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-10 19:24:29 +1000#Doctor2: The Moonbase: these space suits are pretty fab and groovy, man! #DoctorWho
2013-04-11 09:01:48 +1000The Moonbase review. That was a decent (and clearly influential) story... But otherwise not much to say. It was good. Yeah. Moving on...
2013-04-11 12:39:53 +1000The Macra Terror: huh. I thought the new title sequence wasn't till the next story! #DoctorWho
2013-04-11 18:05:06 +1000The Macra Terror: Hmm, the city announcements remind me of the CompuTeach from #HHG. #DoctorWho. Waiting for credits...
2013-04-11 22:44:43 +1000nope. no such luck. This episode is fantastically Big Brother though!
2013-04-12 08:21:49 +1000"Plus must be made minus, and minus must be made plus" ...why I do believe that #Doctor2 just proposed to reverse the polarity! #DoctorWho
2013-04-12 08:57:27 +1000I quite enjoyed The Macra Terror. real shame its all missing :(
2013-04-13 21:58:26 +1000The Faceless Ones: revised theme! Hearing how big a change this is makes me more sympathetic to Murray Gold for his changes too! #DoctorWho
2013-04-14 00:10:51 +1000Another naff companion writeout :(

Goodbye Ben and Polly. Shame so many of your episodes were lost! #DoctorWho
2013-04-15 12:56:25 +1000The Evil of The Daleks. Amuses me how Ben and Polly left, then the Doctor and Jamie... Didn't! #DoctorWho
2013-04-15 12:57:33 +1000Also, another "The Master" occurance without it being a reference to THE "The Master"! :)
2013-04-15 13:10:48 +1000Oooh, the Doctor is still referred to as human (or originally so anyway) #Doctor2
2013-04-15 19:32:25 +1000The Evil of the Daleks: Oooh, another positronic brain reference =) #DoctorWho
2013-04-15 20:12:59 +1000Friendly Daleks are terrifying!
2013-04-15 22:42:18 +1000Maxtible might have been a right arse, but he looked cool! Would suit steampunk cosplay! #DoctorWho
2013-04-15 23:33:02 +1000End of season 4... And the end of the Daleks forever! I quite liked that one, but looking forward to a non-recon story too...
2013-04-16 13:40:28 +1000The Tomb of the Cybermen: that's almost the first "it's bigger on the inside" cliche exclamation :) Also, hello 450yr old doctor. #DoctorWho
2013-04-16 13:42:24 +1000Oooh, this sure looks like ...a quarry!
2013-04-16 13:56:50 +1000Cybermat! So cvte. I want a Roomba just so I can dress it up as one (or maybe a chumbley? :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-17 13:30:11 +1000IMHO so far: Troughton is the hottest Doctor, Jamie the hottest male companion, Victoria the hottest female companion! #DoctorWho
2013-04-17 23:39:33 +1000"Our lives are different to anybody elses. That's the exciting thing. Nobody in the universe can do what we're doing" —The Doctor (Tomb ep3)
2013-04-17 23:42:02 +1000"…and confused their tiny metal minds. I'd almost say they've had a complete metal breakdown" Nice pun, Troughton! (Tomb ep3) #DoctorWho
2013-04-17 23:43:54 +1000Tomb of the Cybermen. Hailed as a classic, but I'm going with "pointlessly circular". But love the incidental music! #DoctorWho #earworm
2013-04-18 13:36:17 +1000The Abominable Snowmen: I've been hearing about the famous Yeti for years. Nice to finally meet them! #DoctorWho
2013-04-18 13:53:42 +1000Oooh, and another not The Master "The Master" reference too :) #Doctor2
2013-04-18 19:05:42 +1000The Ice Warriors. Appropriate timing given Cold War newly aired last week. #DoctorWho
2013-04-18 19:10:59 +1000Oh the outfits! They look like a 1980s Winter Olympics bobsled team! Perspex hat/glasses too. Oh how technology it is! #DoctorWho
2013-04-18 19:19:31 +1000Love the premise - human civilisation became so efficient that too LITTLE CO2 output caused an ice age! #climatechange #DoctorWho year3000
2013-04-18 19:39:07 +1000No sonic screwdriver yet, but a sonic gun! Haha!
2013-04-19 00:06:51 +1000In fact, is this the inspiration for the Doctor's sonic screwdriver? #DoctorWho last episode of The Ice Warriors!
2013-04-19 13:47:32 +1000Oh cool. #Doctor2 has a Doppelgänger. (And Doctor1 had a robot double once, remember!) #DoctorWho. The Enemy of the World.
2013-04-19 18:22:34 +1000It's a story where one actor plays two roles... So perfect time for a Dr Jeckyl and Hyde reference! :)
2013-04-19 18:29:20 +1000I do like the cook. So refreshing to see humourous cynicism get played up (or indeed, at all) like this :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-21 19:22:57 +1000The Enemy Of The World. #Doctor2. I am a fan! Loved this story! It tops the list of episodes I want recovered now! #DoctorWho
2013-04-22 08:24:55 +1000Tardis Eruditorum calls Enemy of the World the best story to date. I'm watching too fast for such analysis though. Time will tell? =)
2013-04-22 08:25:49 +1000Web of Fear: another missed chance at a classic cliffhanger! #DoctorWho
2013-04-22 13:39:22 +1000Ooooh, the Brig... Uh, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart! Neato! #DoctorWho Web of Fear #Doctor2
2013-04-22 21:24:20 +1000Web of Fear would be interesting to see recovered for Lethbridge-Stewart, but otherwise didn't really grab me much. Moving on... To SONIC!
2013-04-22 22:04:50 +1000Fury From The Deep. Yes! One sonic screwdriver already seen! #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 08:25:50 +1000Fury From the Deep. It's like a party. We have foam, we have thumping bass line, we have plenty of weed... #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 17:40:29 +1000Fury From the Deep - ep6 - you can tell the writers haven't come up with 'twin respiratory systems' yet!
2013-04-23 17:57:00 +1000So I was only reading about "sound lasers" on @arstechnica last week. And here they are winning the day on #DoctorWho in 1968 already!
2013-04-23 18:02:36 +1000Goodbye Victoria. You were cool at first, but such a screamer :( you got a much better write-out than the last few at least! #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 20:43:38 +1000Also, that was quite a drawn out ending there to Fury From The Deep
2013-04-23 20:46:58 +1000Finally, never before gotten such a strong impression that two (classic series) companions were a couple! Comment, @WhoFrazer? ;) #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 21:11:34 +1000RT @WhoFrazer: @WatchingDrWho Nah.. We loved the girls far too much.
2013-04-23 21:14:02 +1000@WhoFrazer fair call! (I was only thinking in-universe off-screen btw :) Anyway, bet you get asked this regularly? Thank you for reply! :)
2013-04-23 21:24:09 +1000RT @WhoFrazer: @WatchingDrWho Oh I thought u meant me and Pat!!! Ha ha. In that case who was the ?couple?
2013-04-23 21:26:06 +1000@WhoFrazer oops! Damn tweet limits = unclear sometimes. I was thinking of Jamie and Victoria :)
2013-04-23 22:30:51 +1000The Wheel in Space ...and, there we go. Doctor John Smith. Now we know the Doctors name ;) #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 23:31:52 +1000"Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority" — #Doctor2 #DoctorWho
2013-04-23 23:36:10 +1000Btw, in honour of the original reference, I shall henceforth attempt to refer to the Doctor's companions as "associates" =) #DoctorWho
2013-04-24 20:12:37 +1000All futuristic set designs are made better with lava lamps! #DoctorWho
2013-04-25 16:13:17 +1000Aaaaand, hello Zoe. New associate of the Doctor =) and I learnt how they wove the Dalek rerun in. Clever!
2013-04-25 16:18:35 +1000Huh. The Dominators look like bad Mondoshawans cosplayers. Lucky they have precedent or they'd look silly! #DoctorWho #FifthElement
2013-04-25 16:31:00 +1000Terrible costumes (curtains!), but great explosion! What an odd story so far #DoctorWho
2013-04-25 16:44:02 +1000"You're not thinking what I think you're thinking are you?"—Jamie
"That, I think, Jamie, depends on what you think I am thinking"—The Doctor
2013-04-25 23:39:30 +1000These Dulcians remind me of Golgafrinchams with their insistence upon proper meeting structure! #DoctorWho
2013-04-25 23:56:22 +1000Yay! The sonic has grown non-screwdriver functionality. My, we ARE getting modern! ;) #DoctorWho
2013-04-26 08:43:27 +1000So I'm not sure that The Dominators is worthy of the fan hate it has... But it was far from the best the show has managed either #DoctorWho
2013-04-26 08:45:43 +1000#Doctor2: The Mind Robber: oooh, I like the stark white TARDIS! #DoctorWho
2013-04-26 08:57:43 +1000Huzzah! Another "The Master" reference which isn't... #DoctorWho
2013-04-26 13:33:06 +1000Zoe beats up Karkus in The Mind Robber. That was fantastic! =) #DoctorWho
2013-04-26 17:45:30 +1000Oooh, I'm glad that The Doctor avoided becoming fiction! #DoctorWho The Mind Robber
2013-04-26 18:19:38 +1000A battle of meta storytelling? Auto-narrative? This is GOLD. I have been grinning at The Mind Robbers so much in episode 5 #DoctorWho =D
2013-04-28 12:54:31 +1000The Invasion #Doctor2: I don't mind this animation style for the missing episodes at all :)
2013-04-28 12:55:37 +1000Zoe vs computer receptionist reminds me strongly of Arthur Dent vs the Nutramatics machine. "Now listen to me you stupid primitive machine!"
2013-04-29 08:34:16 +1000I'm loving the atmospheric incidental music in The Invasion :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-29 13:38:22 +1000So I kept reading about how iconic That Scene is. And it is! #DoctorWho #Doctor2 TheInvasion. If you know the story, you'll know what I mean
2013-04-29 18:07:59 +1000Megatron bomb huh? I know my G1 Tranformers. Megatron is a gun. Not a bomb! (Totally cyber though!) #DoctorWho
2013-04-29 23:26:28 +1000I thought The Invasion was jolly good! Maybe not "the best" story so far, but probably the most accessible to the layman #DoctorWho
2013-04-30 09:11:59 +1000These Krotons all seem to have the same voice. It's a bit terrible to listen to them chat to each other #DoctorWho
2013-04-30 09:30:45 +1000TARDIS has a HADS! I saw that just recently in Cold War too :) #DoctorWho
2013-04-30 14:01:21 +1000Kroton voice reminds me of the Emperor Dalek!
2013-04-30 14:24:15 +1000"Let's see what happens …we can only blow ourselves up" —BetaGond serves up the best science yet in #DoctorWho? The Krotons.
2013-04-30 17:55:45 +1000tweet lost in draft: As much as I love that Cybermen have ever-changing designs, this design feels quite modern :) #DoctorWho The Invasion
2013-04-30 17:56:00 +1000#DoctorWho Seeds of Death. First T-mat reference? Also neat, Canberra, my hometown! :)
2013-04-30 20:25:21 +1000This is the earliest example of the visual cliche of "projecting the monitor onto someones face" that I've seen ever! #DoctorWho
2013-04-30 22:08:54 +1000So that looked like a grab for Zoe's legs by all parties in the room! I bet nobody expected that scene to be researched so much...
2013-04-30 23:08:37 +1000Running around like crazy. Comedy! #DoctorWho #Doctor2
2013-04-30 23:26:07 +1000Oooh, the Doctor is a GENIUS eh? Good to know after all this time ;) #DoctorWho Seeds of Death
2013-05-01 18:18:52 +1000Looks like the Ice Warriors weapons are based on highly localised distortion of space? Tissue damage inevitably results in death. #DoctorWho
2013-05-01 23:06:16 +1000They just strut. What the f*ck?
#cybermen #DoctorWho
2013-05-01 23:07:38 +1000Another caption for the same gif :)

Saturday Night Cyber

#Cybermen #DoctorWho
2013-05-01 23:16:55 +1000This is probably my favourite so far.

#cybermen #DoctorWho

You can tell by the way I use my walk...
2013-05-02 09:03:21 +1000Final recon! The Space Pirates. I've quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes so far, despite its reputation. #DoctorWho
2013-05-02 19:51:30 +1000I'm trying to like The Space Pirates, but it is dragging… if it existed, and was a four parter, I think it could have been great! #DoctorWho
2013-05-02 19:54:02 +1000RT @BlogtorWho: I like this 'cos it mentions Blogtor Who>> Steven Moffat clears up Doctor Who's Statue of Liberty mystery…
2013-05-02 20:49:28 +1000If I was on schedule, I'd be starting my third #Pertwee story today. Instead I'm starting the last #Troughton. Catching up #DoctorWho slowly
2013-05-03 08:36:12 +1000Did #BlackAdder Goes Forth deliberately riff off the characters and sets in #TheWarGames, or is there an even older trope? #DoctorWho
2013-05-03 08:37:41 +1000Oh cute. A lock picking reference back to Victoria :) #DoctorWho The War Games. #Doctor2
2013-05-03 08:52:54 +1000Oh, the Doctor bluffing his way into control is very nicely done. #DoctorWho The War Games episode2
2013-05-03 13:27:36 +1000Another lock picking reference! Tuning fork this time. #The War Games is definitely a fun #DoctorWho :)
2013-05-03 13:35:15 +1000Ooh, the war games map looks like a #Taasen game board (now that's obscure, but makes me grin =) #DoctorWho
2013-05-03 13:40:02 +1000Yay, the sonic screwdriver gets another visit. I really like the minimalism of the original one #DoctorWho
2013-05-04 19:23:21 +1000I like how the existance of a S.E.P field is a plot point here, even if it's not named as such #DoctorWho The War Games
2013-05-04 19:35:51 +1000Woah. That looks like Syd Barrett in the photos of the members of the resistance! #DoctorWho #PinkFloyd The War Games
2013-05-04 21:00:34 +1000"The Time Lords". There it is folks. First mention? Episode6, The War Games. #DoctorWho
2013-05-04 22:41:02 +1000I love how the SIDRATs are programmed by fridge magnets! Missed marketing opportunity? I'd buy replicas... #DoctorWho The War Games
2013-05-04 22:46:59 +1000Oh, The War Lord guy looks like an evil Steve Jobs. Black turtleneck and all! #DoctorWho
2013-05-05 00:16:02 +1000...and there it is. The Doctor admits he's a Time Lord! Start of an era... #DoctorWho The War Games
2013-05-05 00:54:54 +1000Oh! The cubes in The Doctor's Wife was a ref to The War Games. cool! Also similar to The Power of Three cubes. I can haz merch? #DoctorWho
2013-05-05 01:32:29 +1000Goodbye Jamie. Goodbye Zoe. Quite sad to see them go. J, Z and #Doctor2 have been my favourite team to date. #DoctorWho
2013-05-05 22:05:34 +1000Between #Doctor2 and #Doctor3: The Beatles stopped having #1 hits. Apollo 11 happened. Woodstock happened. Unix epoch happened! #DoctorWho
2013-05-05 23:10:09 +1000The "accepted theory" is that The Doctor got his 2nd heart at first regen.

But I think it was a gift/sweetener for "season 6b". #DoctorWho
2013-05-06 20:40:52 +1000Been said a million times before, but wow. Spearhead from Space is really a different show! Far more jarring change than 1 to 2. #DoctorWho
2013-05-07 00:35:07 +1000So Bessie starts on a kiss huh? I guess that sets a precedent for things like the TARDIS opening on a snap of the fingers? :) #DoctorWho
2013-05-07 18:53:21 +1000Haven't really had much to say about Pertwee thus far. But Silurians are cool. Also, Captured moon hypothesis. Hehe. #DoctorWho
2013-05-07 19:46:04 +1000Ahh, The age of The Doctor. An eternally recurring question. This time the hint is "several thousand years"! #DoctorWho The Silurians.
2013-05-08 02:26:15 +1000Well, that was the Brig being a right ol' prick. Genocide ain't cool, kids. #DoctorWho
2013-05-08 13:58:03 +1000The Ambassadors of Death. #Doctor3. Wtf did they do with that title sequence? ...I like it, I think! #DoctorWho
2013-05-08 13:58:28 +1000TARDIS console! colour! Yay!
2013-05-08 14:04:59 +1000Very calming music for the space scenes. They're showing Apollo era style spacecraft, but telling it like 2001. Clever. #DoctorWho
2013-05-08 14:16:46 +1000That's the tracking station in Parkes! Neato! (Though in "reality", #Tidbinbilla and/or #HoneysuckleCreek would be more likely #DoctorWho)
2013-05-08 14:23:54 +1000That shootout was filmed for laughs, right? Ambassadors of Death, ep1. #DoctorWho
2013-05-09 08:20:36 +1000Transmigration of object, huh? That's a trick that could have been useful since. #DoctorWho Ambassadors of Death
2013-05-10 02:01:32 +1000The Ambassadors of Death: too long, ended too quick. I don't mind that it's over. No surprise I'd never heard discussion of it. #DoctorWho
2013-05-10 09:04:51 +1000#DoctorWho The Inferno. Hello sonic, in colour!
2013-05-10 09:12:28 +1000Well, that looked like a good excuse to use some new fangled video effects!
2013-05-10 09:31:01 +1000Venusian karate time. Hahahahahahaa! #DoctorWho
2013-05-10 13:55:28 +1000#DoctorWho The Inferno. Just add eyepatch -> Evil parallel universe. But now I want to see goatee evil Brig, and eyepatched Spock. #StarTrek
2013-05-11 18:46:05 +1000People cannot cross parallel universes huh? ...Interesting! #DoctorWho The Inferno
2013-05-11 19:22:13 +1000Im strangely reminded of that fun/bad movie: Crack In The World :) The Inferno, #DoctorWho
2013-05-13 13:59:50 +1000So Inferno was cool, but no more Liz Shaw?! Still haven't seen TARDIS interior in colour... #DoctorWho
2013-05-13 14:12:32 +1000Terror of the Autons... We've caught up with the 70s synthesiser music I remember from watching as kid!
2013-05-13 14:29:45 +1000Hello, Jo Grant and The Master. I'm glad they put you in a scene together so no suspicion that one was a disguise of the other! #DoctorWho
2013-05-14 00:21:24 +1000Oh my, Jo certainly is being dressed in the coolest and groovy outfits! #DoctorWho
2013-05-14 00:36:38 +1000Woah. That stunt fall down the slope was fantastic!!! #DoctorWho Terror of the Autons episode 3
2013-05-14 00:41:10 +1000"What's wrong with being childish? I like being childish!" — The Doctor. #Doctor3 #DoctorWho
2013-05-14 23:25:55 +1000Well, second Auton story ended a bit... lacklustre. Next up, The Mind of EVIL! #DoctorWho
2013-05-14 23:40:47 +1000Age watch. The Doctor all but claims he's thousands years old, again

Interesting. #DoctorWho
2013-05-16 08:23:44 +1000So, no tweets from The Mind of Evil. It was fun enough, just not really commentable. #DoctorWho
2013-05-16 08:25:43 +1000The Claws of Axos: it's... Uh... In colour! The production team has gone mad with the power of it! #DoctorWho
2013-05-16 17:39:45 +1000Finally, we see the Tardis interior in colour! New set yay! New console too! =D #DoctorWho
2013-05-16 17:53:14 +1000Oh, that scene of the Master explaining the capability of the TARDIS to store power, is perfect. Delgado nailed it
2013-05-17 00:10:51 +1000oh, the TARDIS has a Foyer now? Can definitely see more TARDIS out through the doors... #DoctorWho Claws of Axos
2013-05-17 08:54:08 +1000Finally, that was quite a timey wimey explanation for the time loop there! #DoctorWho Claws of Axos
2013-05-17 18:37:10 +1000Colony in Space: TARDIS sure materialises differently here in colour land. A "desktop theme" setting? And no foyer anymore! #DoctorWho
2013-05-18 00:21:07 +1000The Doctor in a pike fight. Not as good as the ones in #Monkey! though. Or #Babylon5
2013-05-18 14:31:35 +1000The Master has individualised personal transparent prison cell cylinders of the future! #DoctorWho
2013-05-18 14:35:04 +1000Well, now I know where Lucas ripped off the sand people scene for #StarWars. #DoctorWho
2013-05-18 15:10:52 +1000#DoctorWho is still using 'galaxy' and 'universe' interchangeable. At least 'solar system' has fallen from the list.
2013-05-20 14:33:26 +1000#DoctorWho The Dæmons. Tis only appropriate that not all moving statues are angels, right?
2013-05-20 18:07:09 +1000Oh my! That looked like Clarke Kent at the village! #DoctorWho The Dæmons episode 3
2013-05-20 18:21:46 +1000count(Reversed Polarity)++
2013-05-20 19:03:33 +1000Morris dancers in #DoctorWho? So all Morris dancers that I might see in person I can treat as cosplayers, right? So much better this way ;)
2013-05-21 00:25:23 +1000Hello again, #Daleks. Turns out you weren't gone forever after all. Hope you have a good day...? :) #DoctorWho
2013-05-21 08:33:49 +1000It's nice when time travel is an integral part of the plot. Doesn't happen enough #DoctorWho Day of The Daleks.
2013-05-21 08:38:04 +1000It's the Blinovitch technobabble effect! #DoctorWho
2013-05-21 08:44:48 +1000Woah! That scene pulled out through a video screen. That's a style I don't think of as part of this era! #DoctorWho Day of the Daleks
2013-05-21 13:18:41 +1000The Daleks inspect The Doctors mind & see the credits? THAT'S a new bit of lore, right? #DoctorWho. Master of the Land of Fiction, right?
2013-05-21 13:21:47 +1000So if The Daleks have discovered time travel here, then does this precede The Chase, from a Dalek continuity P.O.V? #DoctorWho
2013-05-22 22:14:59 +1000The Curse of Peladon #DoctorWho ... The Alpha Centauri delegate is a valley girl? *giggle*
2013-05-22 22:17:45 +1000Oooh, a monument to A.L.F!! #DoctorWho
2013-05-22 22:21:53 +1000Ice Warrior comeback! Yay!
2013-05-22 23:29:54 +1000Oh, this is #DoctorWho #Thunderdome then? Not too shabby!
2013-05-24 14:07:10 +1000The Sea Devils is a bit long, but that isn't translating into tweets... #DoctorWho
2013-05-24 14:29:48 +1000Neutron flow polarity reversal? Count+1 #DoctorWho The Sea Devils
2013-05-24 14:31:15 +1000The Doctor and The Master really do get along like old school buddies, it's true
2013-05-25 23:33:19 +1000#DoctorWho The Mutants: start of episode 1:

2013-05-25 23:39:08 +1000Oooh, there is a chess set which looks like it could be merch! Nice and stylistic!
2013-05-25 23:43:58 +1000Oh, I like the design of the hand ID pads by the door too :)
2013-05-26 13:39:58 +1000#TowelDay - give thanks to #DouglasAdams for enriching the universe (& #DoctorWho) with this #HHG entry on #Daleks:…
2013-05-27 13:56:28 +1000The Mutants: I'm impressed that they used actual space photos for space backgrounds. Reminds me of #Babylon5 but decades sooner! #DoctorWho
2013-05-28 18:16:08 +1000The Time Monster: another change in polarity! #DoctorWho
2013-05-28 18:21:20 +1000Oh yeah. Atlantis reference. Again!
2013-05-29 09:20:43 +1000Any say I'm a fan of this TARDIS interior. Either of them. Master's time rotor isn't too bad though. #DoctorWho
2013-05-29 09:24:33 +1000Recursive TARDISes! Excellent! I didn't think they did this till Logopolis! :) #DoctorWho The Time Monster
2013-05-29 13:04:30 +1000Doctor's subconscious voices huh? I wonder what they're saying. Distinct from former selves? Also, Doctor in time vortex unprotected!
2013-05-29 13:24:03 +1000Wow, they're really going all out with showing off cleavage this episode. The Time Monster episode 5. #DoctorWho
2013-05-29 19:39:17 +1000David Prowse in #DoctorWho!

...they didn't have him speak here, either...
2013-05-29 19:40:33 +1000That wasn't a bad "meaning of life" speech at all! #DoctorWho The Time Warrior.
2013-05-29 19:49:10 +1000Some of these scenes look like they've been filmed with tilt-shift - they have a "model" feeling about them, even when full size! #DoctorWho
2013-05-29 23:29:46 +1000#DoctorWho The Three Doctors. Now this is a landmark story to reach! I feel all accomplished now! ...hope it's good, not seen it before...
2013-05-29 23:37:24 +1000That was a Troughtonesque "when I say run, run. Run!" type line. Nice!
2013-05-29 23:43:52 +1000Oh, Benton's reaction to the TARDIS interior is a great scene. It's obvious! :) #DoctorWho
2013-05-29 23:46:14 +1000Troughton in colour!!
2013-05-29 23:50:35 +1000Hartnell in colour!
2013-05-30 00:12:34 +1000Brigadier in the TARDIS! #DoctorWho
2013-05-30 00:13:30 +1000Not to mention, Jelly Bean reference too =)
2013-05-30 08:06:09 +1000Omega's 'Dark Side' looks very much like a Peter Jackson #LOTR Orc #DoctorWho
2013-05-30 08:10:25 +1000In ep2, the Timelords refer to the first Doctor as '...the other'. I wonder if that's where the name for "The Other" originated? #DoctorWho
2013-05-30 18:22:38 +1000The Brig got to drive Bessie! Nice :)
2013-05-30 18:24:12 +1000Pertwee instinctively went to take his companions hand for the running - but it was Troughton! Hehe. #DoctorWho
2013-05-30 18:32:45 +1000Sgt Benton just performed the Picard manoeuvre!
2013-05-30 18:38:56 +1000The black hole... BECAME ...a supernova? Well, I guess this IS #DoctorWho. #TimeyWimey
2013-05-30 18:42:22 +1000Omega had a cool mask. Yes, it's true! Has anyone cosplayed it? #DoctorWho
2013-05-31 15:18:30 +1000Goodbye Hartnell in colour. Goodbye Troughton, till next time!

It's been a good first 10 years!

2013-06-01 15:44:12 +1000Carnival Of Monsters. This has been an enthralling story so far, but not inspiring many tweets. Sorry!
2013-06-01 15:45:24 +1000"One has no wish to be devoured by alien monstrosities, even in the cause of political progress" #DoctorWho. Carnival of Monsters.
2013-06-01 15:55:17 +1000Hmmm, I wonder if the Drashigs are related to Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts of Traal? #DoctorWho #H2G2
2013-06-02 23:19:32 +1000Frontier in Space. #DoctorWho. The Draconian costumes are great. And locations too!
2013-06-03 00:09:29 +1000Doctor: one. Mind probe: zero. (Their mind probe goes up to elev...uh, TWELVE!)
2013-06-03 09:00:23 +1000That was Star Trek 3D chess, was it not? Guess it's not the best merch potential then? :)
2013-06-03 09:21:28 +1000Oh, I like how the string file used previous story gets introduced here. Goooooo continuity!
2013-06-03 14:10:27 +1000Looks like a brain bug! This story is Babylon5 crossed with Starship Troopers crossed with #DoctorWho!
2013-06-03 14:14:49 +1000The Master and The Daleks. Together at last?!
2013-06-03 14:22:23 +1000Secret 12 parter story!
2013-06-03 14:25:01 +1000Oh wait. That was the last we see of Delgado's master. I thought there was one more story with him. Oh dear!
2013-06-04 09:27:48 +1000Oooh, and bed and wardrobes and cupboards in the Console room. That's a bit new :)
2013-06-04 09:34:39 +1000This exposition-to-a-log... Is about the worst exposition ever! Planet of the Daleks #DoctorWho
2013-06-04 09:46:15 +1000Susan, Ian and Barbara get a name check. Nice! :)
2013-06-04 09:49:30 +1000Invisible Dalek! Neat. That's a new trick that I've not heard of them using since! #DoctorWho
2013-06-04 19:17:11 +1000Flying Dalek! ...albiet with help from an antigravity pad. Still, so close...
2013-06-04 23:34:05 +1000According to @wifeinspace reckoning, I've reached the midpoint of the classic series!…
2013-06-04 23:36:06 +1000I should work out my own midpoint sometime. All episodes, but Shada? Will I watch K9&C? How about TW and SJA again? Or K9 at all?!
2013-06-04 23:44:45 +1000Sigh. Dalek casings are still human operable. I blame Terry Nation for that lameness.
2013-06-05 00:16:11 +1000This gold leader Dalek has a torch for an eye! Gives it some life. Better than the painted eyes the black ones have had lately. #DoctorWho
2013-06-05 00:28:11 +1000Oh, that was a great "don't glamourise war" message at the end of that story :) #DoctorWho
2013-06-05 01:22:32 +1000The lamest thing about 1973 Daleks is the painted "target" eye. Esp since the 1963 Daleks had a real lens and it looked great! #DoctorWho
2013-06-06 00:39:30 +1000Jo is in love. And The Doctor is in drag. So cute. A very very modern topical story too. Nice. #DoctorWho The Green Death
2013-06-06 08:25:30 +1000Is The BOSS deliberately voiced Master-esque?
2013-06-06 08:27:40 +1000Oh, this jacket looks like the Adam West era batmobile. Black with red edging, and overtly styled flair. #DoctorWho
2013-06-06 21:04:26 +1000Gotto say, that final few minutes of farewell to Jo Grant was very, VERY well done. #DoctorWho
2013-06-06 21:05:22 +1000Also, maybe it just me... Did the style of The BOSS remind anyone else of Ford Prefect? Especially the singing inappropriately!
2013-06-07 14:17:37 +1000The Time Warrior eh? Hello Sarah Jane Smith! Also, first graffiti on the TARDIS? No Bad Wolf though, just an eager scientist #DoctorWho
2013-06-07 22:15:55 +1000Hmm, the Doctor really is quite rude to Sarah Jane in her first episode :(
2013-06-08 01:33:51 +1000Oh, The Doctor called the TARDIS as "old girl" type pet name. Was that the first time he's been affectionate like that?
2013-06-08 15:55:41 +1000"Gallifrey" is finally named here. Yay! #DoctorWho
2013-06-08 23:14:17 +1000"I never lie ... Hardly ever" -The Doctor, to Sarah Jane. #DoctorWho
2013-06-10 21:08:34 +1000Linx looks like he has scars alongside his mouth - so then with his tongue movements, reminds me of Heath Ledger's Joker! #Joker #DoctorWho
2013-06-10 21:58:25 +1000Oh, The Doctor getting mug shots taken is perfectly done. Very nice! #DoctorWho Invasion of the Dinosaurs
2013-06-10 22:32:00 +1000Time eddy, but no Chesterfield sofa eh? So close... #HHG #DoctorWho
2013-06-10 23:41:33 +1000Whomobile!! Hahaha yeah... Classic #DoctorWho
2013-06-10 23:43:15 +1000Oh dear. It's all but a Golgafrincham B-Ark... Though the fleet kind of ruins the effect.
2013-06-11 01:15:08 +1000In this story... Benton basically is FANTASTIC. #DoctorWho Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
2013-06-11 15:04:32 +1000Death to the Daleks: the umbrella and beachwear remind me of that 6th/Peri story I haven't seen yet. Will I remember to compare? #DoctorWho
2013-06-12 09:22:26 +1000Death to the Daleks. Another day, another alien quarry. #DoctorWho. This story is very free of dialogue in PartOne!
2013-06-12 13:53:55 +1000The Doctor meets a psychopathic skutter! #RedDwarf #DoctorWho Death to the Daleks
2013-06-12 14:28:16 +1000That cliffhanger was... Wow. Just... Wow. So very VERY bad. I just finished Death to the #Daleks, end episode3. #DoctorWho
2013-06-13 08:40:17 +1000Monster of Peladon: The guard has a single horned helmet! Reminds me of the #KLF. Not like they've ever had #DoctorWho references before...
2013-06-13 19:01:34 +1000So Eckersley (played by Donald Gee) reminds me of an actor I saw once named Tom Baker. Maybe you've heard of him? #DoctorWho
2013-06-14 00:06:21 +1000Oh, the Doctor's martial arts failed him. He got beaten up in hand-to-hand combat! #DoctorWho
2013-06-14 23:19:38 +1000Spider! Shoots electricity... It's a Sith spider? Latches into people and goes invisible - It's a watcher? #DoctorWho #StarWars #Babylon5
2013-06-14 23:26:33 +1000Nice to see Yates using his feminine charms to win over the disabled chap. #DoctorWho
2013-06-14 23:41:18 +1000It's a CHASE SCENE. Then, a CHASE SCENE. Finally, another CHASE SCENE! #DoctorWho (actually, I could see Matt Smith loving the Whomobile!)
2013-06-16 19:24:29 +1000It's like a game of "I spy, with my spider's eye... "
2013-06-16 19:28:48 +1000I think Sarah Jane zapping The Doctor would have been such a better cliffhanger for Pertwee's last #DoctorWho
2013-06-16 19:32:01 +1000"Regeneration". There. It's canon now. And another Timelord said it! The canon expands!
2013-06-16 19:37:55 +1000And we see a regeneration! I didn't know there was any non-Doctor regenerations in the classic series! Neat! #DoctorWho Planet of Spiders
2013-06-16 19:49:40 +1000I like how The Doctor falls out of the TARDIS, mirroring his entrance in Spearhead from Space. Also, he gets decent last words! #DoctorWho
2013-06-16 19:49:57 +1000So, goodbye Pertwee, hello Tom Baker!
2013-06-17 20:52:40 +1000Tom Baker in the so-very-Pertwee-esque UNIT base's lab, and TARDIS... Actually feels a bit wrong! #DoctorWho
2013-06-17 21:12:52 +1000Pass is valid till 4pm on 4th/4
...and broadcast in 1974 I think? Nice subtle references. Nice. #Doctor4
2013-06-18 00:07:09 +1000Allusion to Asimov's Three Laws there. Lovely :) #DoctorWho Robot
2013-06-18 14:07:41 +1000"Just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets" —The Brigadier, but not talking about aliens though! #DoctorWho
2013-06-18 14:21:00 +1000Jellybaby! #Doctor4 Robot
2013-06-18 14:23:15 +1000"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes" —The Doctor
2013-06-18 14:41:53 +1000Another quote I forgot from Robot. I love that this Doctor is the definite article, you might say #Doctor4 #DoctorWho
2013-06-19 09:23:59 +1000Ark in Space. They're not Golgafrinchams, but the same "shipload of corpses" assumption gets made. #DoctorWho
2013-06-19 09:29:11 +1000Pertwee conclusion: Part One: He was a little too arrogant / sexist / violent for my taste, & didn't have enough sense of wonder. #DoctorWho
2013-06-19 09:34:58 +1000Pertwee conclusion: Part Two: It's an era I enjoy best when I "turn off my brain" and don't analyse it. So: fun, but not the best #DoctorWho
2013-06-20 00:15:16 +1000"He talks to himself sometimes because he's the only one who understands what he's talking about" —Sarah Jane describes The Doctor perfectly
2013-06-20 09:16:27 +1000One final word for Ark in Space. "Indomitable" =)
2013-06-20 13:31:04 +1000The Sontaran Experiment - the Sontaran looks rather Krytonesque! #DoctorWho #RedDwarf (ping @bobbyllew =)
2013-06-20 23:10:25 +1000It might be Skaro, but it looks like a quarry! #DoctorWho
2013-06-20 23:28:39 +1000And Davros gets a mention! Continuity progress! =) #DoctorWho #Daleks
2013-06-21 00:44:30 +1000No recap. Wow. Makes the story seem more serious. More tense! #Genesis #Daleks #DoctorWho
2013-06-21 08:06:39 +1000Sarah falls. Wow. What a cliffhanger. Best in #DoctorWho yet, I think.
2013-06-21 20:11:17 +1000I like how Davros' chair gives the finger to anyone behind him! #DoctorWho
2013-06-22 01:15:05 +1000So was that the first time we see Dalek guns actually have a visible 'ray'? Neat
2013-06-22 01:16:20 +1000Davros will go on eh? His ...heart will go on? I don't see him as much of a singer really though! #DoctorWho Genesis of the #Daleks
2013-06-23 22:20:49 +1000For the record, between Genesis and Revenge, I was born! They did say this was the start of an era, right? ;) #DoctorWho #Ego
2013-06-23 22:30:01 +1000@atruedrwhofan hah. Neato! =)
2013-06-23 22:31:20 +1000Timelord logo eh? Bet the fandom has a lot to speculate and retcon about that!
2013-06-24 00:54:25 +1000Those bombs sure look like they'd make cute cosplay backpacks! #DoctorWho
2013-06-24 14:25:48 +1000Finished Revenge of the Cybermen, and now am half way (by episodes) to the 50th anniversary! #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50th
2013-06-24 19:09:00 +1000Hah. The Doctor hitchhiking! Douglas Adams is closer, but not yet. #Zygons
2013-06-24 19:14:20 +1000"About time the people who run this planet of yours realise that to be dependant upon a mineral slime just doesn't make sense" —The Doctor
2013-06-24 23:21:45 +1000The brig wanted an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets - and the Zygons weren't! (Though their pet Nessie was...) #DoctorWho
2013-06-24 23:31:45 +1000Interesting to note on the "now halfway" point: the #DoctorWho50th is the first return for the #Zygons. Neat huh?
2013-06-25 09:00:47 +1000Planet of Evil. A good story that doesn't inspire many tweets. Sorry about that!
2013-06-25 13:16:17 +1000It's refreshing to see the Doctor not immediately win everyone over, but remain distrusted to the last part!
2013-06-25 13:33:34 +1000I forgot to take note of when we first saw the TARDIS interior in Baker's era, but I like some of the interior handling here :) #Doctor4
2013-06-26 08:25:57 +1000Note on previous: apparently a new TARDIS console was introduced in Planet of Evil. I'd not realised, but was referring to the walls anyway!
2013-06-26 08:29:05 +1000Also neat is for Victoria to get a name check. I wonder she ever ACTUALLY wore those (or similar) clothes. I don't rightly remember!
2013-06-26 08:36:10 +1000@atruedrwhofan thank you! I saw them only a few months ago, but wasn't paying that much attention to her clothes!
2013-06-26 08:42:45 +1000Dimensional Transendentialism? Preposterous! (But to be fair, it DOES work...)
2013-06-26 18:01:52 +1000Aww, the mummies are hugging that man with their well endowed chests. (not as interesting as it sounds: terrifying on screen!) #DoctorWho
2013-06-26 18:03:46 +1000RT @DirtyWHOers: Vote Six (2013). /via SteveAndrew:… #doctorwho #whovians #sixthdoctor…
2013-06-27 08:46:49 +1000Near end of Pyramids of Mars, we see the TARDIS with windows lit from inside. Didn't think that was ever a thing in classic series. Neat!
2013-06-27 08:50:52 +1000"Nooooooooooooo"

Quick. Someone dub that into Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith!
2013-06-27 14:10:52 +1000Not sure if I'm watching The Android Invasion, or a flashmob! (Real flashmob, not performatising) #DoctorWho
2013-06-27 21:51:58 +1000A story with Intellectual Property theft as a plot point! Sure hope nobody has ever pirated this episode eh? ;)
2013-06-27 22:56:00 +1000Android Doctor! Thus Baker follows Hartnell and Troughton's precedent in having a double up role sometime during in his tenure #DoctorWho
2013-06-27 23:15:09 +1000The Doctor wins at spurious logic. (Well... Duh, I guess, but this is one of the first best examples =)
2013-06-28 08:33:58 +1000Brain of Morbius. The Doctor refers to his earlier self - that doesn't happen so often. Also, nice story setup so far
2013-06-28 08:43:59 +1000Good TARDIS materialisation wibbly wobbly effect there.
2013-06-28 08:49:05 +1000Worst case of peripheral vision failure yet!!
2013-06-28 19:47:15 +1000The Doctor seems to know a lot about this planet and Timelords history as it relates. Bet that feeds wild fan speculation! #DoctorWho
2013-06-29 19:42:54 +1000Brain on the floor. 10 second rule eh?
2013-06-29 20:06:51 +1000That light globe is HUGE. Head-sized huge!
2013-06-29 20:15:03 +1000The TARDIS exploded out of there! Weeeeeird!
2013-06-30 00:13:40 +1000Seeds of Doom! Great models, explosions, lots of guns, and The Doctor punches someone out! …I'm only half way through!
2013-06-30 00:16:26 +1000Oh, and I do love the doors to Chase's greenhouse
2013-06-30 17:58:27 +1000Scorby has a great character arc here. He's turned into Jayne, basically. #DoctorWho #Firefly
2013-06-30 18:28:23 +1000And... Goodbye original TARDIS exterior prop!
2013-06-30 18:33:39 +1000Loooooove the new console room!
2013-06-30 18:34:35 +1000...and new TARDIS prop, of course =)
2013-06-30 18:41:48 +1000Velvet jacket = Kung fu?!
2013-07-01 09:38:38 +1000I wonder if the Mandragora story can be dated precisely by the eclipse? (As I tried with The Aztecs!)
2013-07-02 14:00:56 +1000The Hand of Fear. Another story I know nothing about. I'm finding it interesting to discover my own ignorance even as I reach "my" era
2013-07-02 14:04:23 +1000"We're in a quarry" —The Doctor. What fantastic self-awareness =)
2013-07-03 08:54:53 +1000Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith. Your final story was rubbish, but your final scenes were heart wrenching. Mine eyes doth leak. #DoctorWho
2013-07-03 14:03:54 +1000The Deadly Assassin. Naff title, but intro screams "I will be epic". Also, #Babylon5 like hand-communicators! (But with video!) #DoctorWho
2013-07-03 14:07:51 +1000Celestial Intervention Agency.

2013-07-03 14:17:28 +1000The Doctor's house is Prydonian - with colours of Scarlett and Orange huh? Is he Gryffindor? #HarryPotter #DoctorWho
2013-07-03 14:25:13 +1000Between the clothes and shoulder/head piece, the president looks VERY much like a Centauri emperor. #Babylon5 #DoctorWho. (DeadlyAssassin)
2013-07-03 18:08:45 +1000I do like the Doctor's sketching =)
2013-07-03 18:10:35 +1000Time travel: hand of fear: forgot to mention that the hand effects were quite great. Even startled me in one scene. Very impressive!
2013-07-03 18:14:38 +1000Chalk! (If you've seen it, then you know what I mean!)
2013-07-03 18:23:23 +1000I'd scream if someone did that to my scarf too!
2013-07-03 23:10:48 +1000Not sure if watching #DoctorWho, or Rambo. This is a very weird filler episode that I wasn't expecting!
2013-07-03 23:21:42 +1000"If heroes don't exist, it is necessary to invent them" —Barusa is a git
2013-07-03 23:24:48 +1000And there it is. The key to the lore. Twelve.
2013-07-04 08:32:33 +1000Hellllooooooo Leela. That's the right reaction isn't it? #DoctorWho. I like how she's presented as a skeptic from the start
2013-07-04 08:42:20 +1000"Never be certain of anything. It's a sign of weakness" —The Doctor
2013-07-04 08:47:14 +1000Haha. The Doctor's bluff. Called!
2013-07-04 08:57:52 +1000Tom Baker's turn to pull double duty as a monster/villain/something. Yay!
2013-07-05 08:56:42 +1000"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common..." The Doctor. Recommend you look the rest of this quote up #DoctorWho
2013-07-05 09:12:38 +1000Lets sit around on a sofa and talk to a computer. #DoctorWho #H2G2
2013-07-05 19:00:58 +1000Yet another 'explain the TARDIS' scene. :) I've seen this before, but thought it was in the white console room! Shows what my memory knows.
2013-07-05 19:26:46 +1000Episode1 cliffhanger I remember! That may well be my earliest Who memory. Or memory of memory anyway. All all a bit timey wimey.
2013-07-05 19:28:56 +1000Another chessboard = merch opportunity? Hehe
2013-07-05 19:39:12 +1000Mouth brain ratio joke. Feeling so HHGish :)
2013-07-07 09:44:21 +1000I know it's cos both are Art Deco, but the sets really remind me of Starship Titanic! =)
2013-07-07 10:21:40 +1000So that's the first story, I think, where I want to edit it longer, rather than shorter. Could have been a good 5parter I think #DoctorWho
2013-07-08 13:16:43 +1000So I wasn't expected what amounted to a wet T-shirt scene in #DoctorWho!
2013-07-09 00:43:32 +1000"You ask me so that you can tell me" —Leela cottons on to the Doctors style early on.
2013-07-09 01:34:49 +1000Hey, Brisbane namecheck. Neato! (Shame it's not exactly the most positive connotation. "The Butcher of Brisbane") #DoctorWho
2013-07-09 01:35:38 +1000Yet. Another. Chess set! (But looks good though :)
2013-07-09 08:32:52 +1000That was a good Who-does-Holmes story there. Mostly enjoyable. And that's all I'm saying. Moving on to season 15 now...
2013-07-09 09:05:57 +1000So Tardis Eruditorum hinted that from here, the classic era show has a long slow decline. This episode has JN-T's first serious credit...
2013-07-09 19:22:10 +1000I wonder if this filmed on the same set as #TheGoodies lighthouse episode? I'll have to compare timetables later! #DoctorWho
2013-07-10 08:53:13 +1000the Invisible Enemy! ...I don't like the direction they've taken Leela so far. And I'm only 10 minutes in! :/
2013-07-10 14:11:45 +1000Hello K9!

Also, I like how they show crazy red tape and Leela having to cope with it
2013-07-10 14:14:44 +1000Oh, I didn't know K9 was referred to as Tin so early on. Neat. Even neater: the screen on his side! #DoctorWho
2013-07-10 14:19:58 +1000Cloning started in 3922 huh? We're a bit ahead of THAT timeline =)
2013-07-10 14:24:38 +1000This is another of the stories I remember from growing up. But only the cloning and 'fantastic voyage' parts of it
2013-07-10 18:38:08 +1000I'm sure I thought this was cool when I was a kid. Equally sure I see so many problems with it now. But little me is still fond of it
2013-07-11 08:28:13 +1000Fendahl. The opening 6 minutes are great for getting other things done in! :/
2013-07-11 08:35:14 +1000I do prefer Baker without the silly tie thing
2013-07-11 08:40:30 +1000So they arrive on earth to find what might be about to blow it up. The The Doctor has a nap under a tree??! #DoctorWho
2013-07-11 17:35:31 +1000"What are you exactly? Some sort of wandering Armageddon peddler?" -best quote to describe The Doctor ever? #DoctorWho Image of the Fendahl
2013-07-18 14:07:57 +1000After a week away in the middle of the Fendahl, I'm back! Miss me?
2013-07-18 14:09:23 +1000Now that was a risqué shot of Leela laying underneath the Doctor! #DoctorWho #TheFourth (apparently that tag is a Thing now!
2013-07-18 14:10:19 +1000Time fissure as source of hauntings. That's an idea that'll be revisited eh? Not a rift though. Just a fissure!
2013-07-18 14:13:48 +1000I like Colby'd smart-arsery! :)
2013-07-18 18:50:05 +1000(But not always. Sometimes he's just a real arse)
2013-07-18 18:51:56 +1000That looked like a bit of a grope there Doctor! I'll gif it (eventually) if anyone is curious enough. Fendahl episode4
2013-07-18 18:53:20 +1000Doctors lack of counting was a bit of a failed joke
2013-07-18 18:55:48 +1000So my guess is that this was made by collating different drafts of the story. Conflicting versions of similar ideas, etc. A real shame
2013-07-18 20:08:38 +1000The Sun Makers. Another story I know zilch about!
2013-07-19 08:21:19 +1000Seems to be about the evils of extreme capitalism. Just my cup of tea!
2013-07-19 18:04:11 +1000So #TheFourth Doctor has been in #TheMatrix, and now has Morpheus glasses too? Before its time! #DoctorWho
2013-07-19 18:15:48 +1000This current trend of closing a story on a joke... Is terrible. The Sun Makers.
2013-07-19 20:39:22 +1000Underworld. Another story I know nothing about coming into this!
2013-07-19 20:50:37 +1000Thousands of regenerations huh? Wow! Interesting angle on it. Wonder how this will be followed up
2013-07-19 20:59:22 +1000Planet created around a spaceship as nucleus huh? I know that #DoctorWho returns to that idea later :)
2013-07-22 01:20:23 +1000Yup. Underworld was mostly rubbish, but not wholly. But happy to move on...
2013-07-22 01:23:24 +1000The Invasion of Time: The TARDIS pool is seen huh? I didn't know that had been done!
2013-07-22 01:26:33 +1000K9 asks the Tardis to speak! The Doctor claims what now? Wow. This is confusing in a good way!
2013-07-22 01:39:56 +1000So I'd heard of The Doctor as president in the past (future eps). Nice to see when it happened!
2013-07-22 08:22:12 +1000The Invasion of Time, ep2: Why am I imagining Tripitaka praying just now? #Monkey! #DoctorWho #TheFourth
2013-07-22 08:46:30 +1000Oooh, The Doctor cackles inscrutably. This is great!
2013-07-22 08:53:28 +1000Painted cogs and wheels and hubcaps! Hehehe
2013-07-22 19:02:26 +1000I'm interested to see how they get from Rodan to Romana. Seems as if, at this stage, that Rodan is intended new companion! Reading up to do!
2013-07-22 19:07:37 +1000Heh. Self aware jokes about the set!
2013-07-23 00:44:03 +1000so Invasion started great, but largely went downhill. Bit of a shame, that.

Leela, goodbye. That was a weird goodbye. Moreso K-9!
2013-07-23 08:22:15 +1000Once you've seen Gai Waterhouse on #DoctorWho, you've seen it all
2013-07-23 08:29:07 +1000The White Guardian is also The Architect? #DoctorWho #TheMatrix
2013-07-23 08:29:22 +1000#TimeCube #DoctorWho. That's all.

2013-07-23 08:29:35 +1000Romana is cuter than I remember. Also, so trying to be Rodan!
2013-07-23 08:37:26 +1000Those knights look straight out of Monty Python =)
2013-07-23 13:33:18 +1000I don't even watch Game of Thrones and I think this story has visual similarities. The Ribos Operation. #DoctorWho
2013-07-23 13:39:02 +1000Seems appropriate at this juncture to note that LOTS of planets have a north. (Ribos sure does)
2013-07-23 19:04:01 +1000Dying is the last thing that he wants to do eh? Seems reasonable, and the Doctor agrees
2013-07-23 19:10:09 +1000"Don't Panic" -- #TheFourth Doctor (ok, he actually says "don't panic Romana" :) #DoctorWho: The Ribos Operation
2013-07-23 19:18:52 +1000Awww, it's alien Galileo. Quite moving.
2013-07-23 19:30:25 +1000Romana sandwich?!
2013-07-23 19:30:57 +1000That beastly thing looks pretty cute. I like to see a modern rendition of one :)
2013-07-23 21:29:52 +1000So Ribos Operation is a very well done story. I stamp it "recommended"! =)
2013-07-23 21:31:45 +1000Hello Douglas Adams! I've been waiting to see your stories (well, again =)
2013-07-24 09:03:23 +1000I forgot to say: The Doctor threatening to call Romana "Fred" will be appreciated by friends of mine :) (Ribos intro),
2013-07-24 09:05:51 +1000Good Vibrations! for a secret soundtrack compilation?
2013-07-24 09:08:23 +1000The coloured pipes in The Captains headquarters rather reminds me of what I've seen of Google's data centers :)
2013-07-24 09:14:39 +1000#DoctorWho The Pirate Planet: Nice reference to Clarke's Third Law there.'s_… =)
2013-07-24 09:20:27 +1000Another "Don't Panic"!

Am I going to quote every one that Adams' scripts have? Yes, possibly...
2013-07-24 09:36:30 +1000I am strangely reminded of Snake "The name's Plisskin" at this point. Just sayin'
2013-07-24 09:40:08 +1000"So much for the paranormal. It's back to brute force I suppose" —Romana. Classic Adamsian line #DoctorWho
2013-07-24 09:41:36 +1000"Bafflegab!" —The Doctor
2013-07-24 14:10:20 +1000So Zanak didn't materialise around the Earth. But... Where DID it materialise then?
2013-07-24 14:15:51 +1000Air punch!
2013-07-25 08:50:45 +1000Stones of Blood. Can't say this story is doing much for my interest. Giant bad. Just not noteworthy.
2013-07-25 08:58:49 +1000The Doctor wants to be lost in a theoretical absurdity? Yup, I think that's this show ;)
2013-07-25 09:06:55 +1000Computer graphics! Was that a first in #DoctorWho Stones of Blood
2013-07-25 09:14:08 +1000Oh also, hyperspace here looks a bit similar to Babylon5's. except purple...
2013-07-25 19:37:33 +1000Stones of Blood REALLY improved over te story. Nice :)
2013-07-25 19:48:18 +1000Psycho Ewok!!
2013-07-25 20:13:13 +1000I don't remember this era specifically, but the last few stories feel like the version of The Doctor that has it Right. =)
2013-07-25 20:27:29 +1000I want a clock like that! 16 hours! Yay!
2013-07-26 08:38:50 +1000A companion finally gets to a duplicate. And it's not evil, so much as a plot piece (or two!)
2013-07-26 13:39:29 +1000The Doctor and sword fighting are a strangely good mix. Again
2013-07-26 18:57:32 +1000So Tara was a fun enough story, but not interesting enough to inspire tweets mostly. Onto Kroll...
2013-07-26 19:02:09 +1000@WatchingDrWho: "Doctor, sometimes I don't think you're quite right in the head" —Romana. The Power of Kroll. #DoctorWho #TheFourth
2013-07-26 19:05:43 +1000Doctor's hat got shot - but lasted so well. Other doctors have tried to introduce hat to costume. Only #TheFourth has managed well so far
2013-07-26 19:12:38 +1000Wait wait wait WAIT! Since when did #TheFourth's jacket have flying duck pins on lapels? That's FANTASTIC! #DoctorWho want want want want!
2013-07-26 19:16:23 +1000Oh, I like how #TheDoctor just pockets a full glass of drink :) I wonder if it'll come back later?
2013-07-26 19:20:11 +1000More googlesque pipes. Prescient, or was it an industrial style back then anyway?
2013-07-28 19:17:56 +1000The Armageddon Factor. I knew Lalla Ward was in this story pre-second-Romana. But first time to see it :)
2013-07-28 19:25:12 +1000I miss the ducks on the Doctors jacket. Have I mentioned 'merchandise' recently? :)
2013-07-29 00:23:15 +1000Drax is a bit of a rubbish TimeLord. Sorry Drax, but it's true!
2013-07-29 00:46:27 +1000btw, not a fan of the silver TARDIS console in use lately. bah.
2013-07-29 00:47:27 +1000But, to be positive for a moment... I thought the 'stretching time loop' plot device to build tension... was very cool! :)
2013-07-29 08:16:23 +1000So, that was the Key to Time eh? Lets just say "merchandise" again, and move on...
2013-07-29 08:17:08 +1000Also, goodbye Mary Tamm. I liked your Romana much more to watch in full than I have in the past, seeing you only piecemeal.
2013-07-29 08:23:20 +1000Hello Douglas Adams as script editor. A #zombie reference already. Neat. #DoctorWho
2013-07-29 08:25:11 +1000Romana Ward, btw, is cute. But what's with the scarf aping? #DoctorWho
2013-07-29 08:31:25 +1000Ahhhh, Oolon Cooloophid (sp?). #H2G2 /
#HHG reference. Nice #DouglasAdams style showing through in #DoctorWho already :)
2013-07-29 08:37:49 +1000This set (inside the spaceship) is FANTASTIC! Outside was pretty rocking too. Production values are up again this year =)
2013-07-29 13:23:42 +1000This Romana is a bit wet in her first meet with the #Daleks :/
2013-07-29 18:03:58 +1000Davros threatens to improve the #Daleks eh, I guess 'stair climbing' is on the list, given the Doctors earlier taunt :)
2013-07-29 18:33:40 +1000I quite like the Rock-Paper-Scissors analogy. Very Adamsian!
2013-07-29 18:43:04 +1000"I'm a very dangerous fellow when I don't know what I'm doing" —The Doctor, sounding like a cross between Zaphod and Ford...?
2013-07-29 22:24:14 +1000Just finished the #DouglasAdams influenced #Dalek story, so only appropriate that I repost link to: #DoctorWho #HHG
2013-07-30 08:30:16 +1000It's "Doctor Who and the tourists in Paris" ...I mean, City of Death =) (I like the new lapel pin the Doctor has! #DoctorWho #DouglasAdams
2013-07-30 17:44:10 +1000"You're a beautiful woman probably" —The Doctor. City of Death. fantastically Adamsian line - can imagine Matt Smith doing easily #DoctorWho
2013-07-30 17:55:34 +1000A 'reverse the polarity' which made actual sense! =)
2013-07-31 20:40:54 +1000Finishing City of Death... leaves one with a sense of "it's all downhill from here" :/ #DoctorWho At least it's still Douglas Adams editing…
2013-07-31 20:44:46 +1000New K9 voice is a bit... Oh dear :/
2013-08-01 00:11:19 +1000The "creature" really has an unfortunate design :/
2013-08-01 09:08:12 +1000"Timelords have ninety lives" —The Doctor trying to diffuse the "12 regenerations meme". Creature from the Pit #DoctorWho
2013-08-01 09:39:08 +1000It's scary how many phallic things are in this story :/
2013-08-01 09:42:12 +1000So most interesting to me was how much power the TARDIS was shown to have. Sets a precedent for the "towing the earth" Deus Ex Machina!
2013-08-01 23:55:12 +1000Eden. No tweets. No fun. Nimon now. Old battleship huh? Galactica? ;)
2013-08-02 08:41:20 +1000"Have you noticed how people's intellectual curiosity begins to decline the moment they start waving guns about?" —The Doctor
2013-08-02 13:28:23 +1000I think this is the most pantomime I've seen #DoctorWho get yet. Even the music. Horns of Nimon. #TheFourth
2013-08-02 13:46:56 +1000Was Seth the inspiration for Adric?
2013-08-02 17:50:38 +1000Shada. I am watching it. (T. Baker linking filmed version) The end of an era in so many ways... Ahhh, Douglas...
2013-08-03 23:17:15 +1000The Leisure Hive. New producer. New music. New titles. New outfit. Does anything carry over? Oh yeah, #TheFourth #DoctorWho
2013-08-04 20:33:36 +1000A place where humans and aliens can learn about each other, to promote peace? It's #Babylon5, again! The Leisure Hive #DoctorWho
2013-08-05 00:38:21 +1000By my original schedule, I should have started Peter Davison today. Instead I'm up to Meglos. Not as far behind as last week at least! :)
2013-08-05 22:38:41 +1000Meglos. This priestess reminds me of Barbara! Also, some of the best blue screen yet!
2013-08-05 22:39:27 +1000Meglos' voice reminds me of radio series Jeltz. Same actor, or just similar voice treatment?
2013-08-06 07:49:19 +1000Oh right. It IS Jacqueline Hill. Damn neat!
Also, Tom Baker gets to play an evil character properly? Neat!
2013-08-06 17:45:16 +1000Meglos. A story whose logic makes Sharknado looks good! (Kind of)
2013-08-06 17:45:43 +1000Not even the triffid plants are scary!
2013-08-06 23:02:07 +1000So, was Meglos related to a Hooloovoo? Also, Dodecahedron as merch? Nah. it's just a D12 with the numbers filed off! :)
2013-08-06 23:02:58 +1000Full Circle. Wow, when did Romana get to petulant? Also, the Doctor _cannot_ refuse a summons from Gallifrey? what?! *sigh* #DoctorWho
2013-08-06 23:06:19 +1000Adric... hmm... nice idea, lousy implementation. I'm sure Waterhouse is a nice kid. But cannot act in this story :/
2013-08-07 09:35:45 +1000RT @teh_maxh: There should be a #DoctorWho charity event called "Who Cares".
2013-08-07 18:56:14 +1000So now I'm up to the point where E-Space is mentioned in the episode, I will admit that I thought the E-Space trilogy was Davison era! oops!
2013-08-08 07:41:07 +1000State of Decay... Half way through and not inspired to tweet yet, except to note that I've not been inspired to tweet yet...!
2013-08-08 16:00:17 +1000RT @ThatCoat: "I like Doctor Who too" —some kid on a bike. Trying to be a smartarse maybe? My owner replied "excellent". Later he'll be @Wa…
2013-08-09 08:14:46 +1000#DoctorWho, Warriors Gate. That ship looks like half way to a #Firefly! and it has bug eyes!
2013-08-09 08:19:19 +1000Oh. It's those headphones again! I clearly have been paying far too much attention
2013-08-09 10:03:21 +1000I'm agreeing with Sue/@wifeinspace. I don't fully understand it, but it's stylish and good! Warriors' Gate :)
2013-08-09 13:40:34 +1000Well, it was weird, but in a good way. Goodbye Romana. Goodbye K-9. Thanks @brooligan. Warriors' Gate. #DoctorWho
2013-08-09 13:45:22 +1000Btw. I really liked the recurrent "view from the gallery" scenes with the two lowly ship crew.
2013-08-11 21:22:43 +1000The set designs in Keeper of Traken are pretty great! Especially that door in episode 3. (Hah. Specific eh?)
2013-08-12 00:07:13 +1000Hello again, The Master!
2013-08-12 00:07:40 +1000Logopolis. Ahh, The Cloister Bell. Best alarm in the universe! #DoctorWho
2013-08-12 13:04:56 +1000Adric's knowledge of the way the TARDIS works is... Weird. Possibly why I find him so annoying even
2013-08-12 13:25:10 +10008 weeks of solid Tom Baker watching! Regeneration time. Hello Peter Davison.
2013-08-12 13:26:48 +1000For those keeping up at home, I'm 8 days behind my schedule. ...Haven't been on schedule since Hartnell!
2013-08-12 21:41:29 +1000So Tegan is really annoying me. Much more than Adric. She improves, right?
2013-08-12 21:48:46 +1000Generic corridors in the TARDIS are so dull. Except the Cloister room :)
2013-08-12 21:54:57 +1000TARDIS-o-pedia. It's a bit rubbish.
2013-08-12 21:59:58 +1000So there was a great #DoctorWho / #QuantumLeap crossover fanfic I read years ago, that this story reminded me of. Familiar to anyone?
2013-08-15 08:25:40 +1000After a weekend break, I'm back. Time to try an catch up lost time. If only I had some type of time perambulator!
2013-08-15 08:26:18 +1000Four to Doomsday. Music open is very 2001, matched with Star Wars like visuals!
2013-08-15 08:32:34 +1000Mindless? Bossy? Well, fuck you, Adric. He's on his famous downhill slide I think?
2013-08-15 08:49:27 +1000Uh, so nice diversity. Terrible handling of it though.
2013-08-15 18:52:58 +1000Re technology as 'evil': "not in itself. As with all technology, it is the use to which it is put" —philosophy from Four to Doomsday. ep3
2013-08-15 18:54:59 +1000"Love: the exchange of two fantasies" —enlightenment. Not sure I agree with this one though. But quotable
2013-08-15 19:14:16 +1000Tegan in this episode? Gar. Not sure if worse than Adric or not!
2013-08-15 19:28:13 +1000So The Doctor bowls Left-arm unorthodox spin and played for NSW, taking 5 wickets once. Can he be found in the books? ;)
2013-08-15 19:28:41 +1000Also, wow the Aussie references are flowing thick and fast currently!
2013-08-16 00:43:21 +1000Four to Doomsday just meet quite worked. On to Kinda. I know nothing about it... #DoctorWho
2013-08-16 00:44:32 +1000Kinda... It's the general from Avatar, and Sarah Palin as his science assistant. Exosuit stolen from The War Machines? #DoctorWho
2013-08-16 09:08:27 +1000I like that The Doctor is clearly in touch with his feminine side :) #DoctorWho Kinda
2013-08-16 13:47:56 +1000The Visitation. Feels like a historical that's not being allowed to be, in the opening scenes anyway...
2013-08-16 19:04:57 +1000Skeletor!
2013-08-16 19:14:49 +1000This guy should be a companion. You know the one. In The Visitation and out-acting almost everyone else! =)
2013-08-16 19:20:32 +1000That monster is terrible. Would have looked bad in the 60s! :/ #TheVisitation #DoctorWho
2013-08-16 19:46:18 +1000Wait. The Sonic was simply dropped and broke? Not even a heroes exit? Bah humbug!
2013-08-16 19:47:58 +1000Ahh, I misread the scene where he dropped it. That was better. "An old friend"
2013-08-16 20:10:03 +1000I didn't notice the Fifth's sarcasm when I was young. It's kinda great. I hope he keeps it (even if only for Adric ;)
2013-08-17 00:18:27 +1000Great Fire of Rome. Great Fire of London. The Doctor is quite the pyro. #DoctorWho
2013-08-17 00:19:02 +1000Black Orchid. Hello two parter. Why do you have filler scenes of cricket?!
2013-08-17 22:07:22 +1000"Brave heart Tegan" ...that was the first time. He says that a lot, or do I know it only from the regeneration?
2013-08-17 22:15:50 +1000Theme as incidental music again eh? Nice.
2013-08-17 22:16:31 +1000Oooh, clips of old Doctors. Nice! =)
2013-08-17 23:46:32 +1000I like the visible chin on the Cybermen. Not a fan of the attempted repeat of Tomb of the Cybermen style though
2013-08-18 00:54:30 +1000Goodbye Adric. Goodbye dinosaurs. Hello improved TARDIS crew. Hello birds. Sorry Matthew Waterhouse. #DoctorWho
2013-08-20 09:01:38 +1000Time to watch Time-Flight. I hear this story has a reputation...
2013-08-20 20:49:10 +1000That was... Not the best Who, but nothing fundamentally wrong with it either, IMHO.
2013-08-20 23:10:40 +1000watching Janet Fielding in interview. She totally rocks! (Aussie bias? :)
2013-08-21 08:28:42 +1000I like that the "State of Temporal Grace" continuity is noted. Now for the rest of Arc of Infinity...
2013-08-21 08:42:57 +1000Hello, Colin Baker. You seem to be about a dozen stories early!
2013-08-21 08:49:43 +1000Colin Baker shot Peter Davidon!!!
2013-08-21 08:53:14 +1000Tegan's new haircut: great. Tegan's new outfit: terrible. Her reintroduction: contrived
2013-08-21 08:56:03 +1000@atruedrwhofan oops, thank you. I blame phone keyboard and laziness!
2013-08-21 08:57:43 +1000@atruedrwhofan they did the full Davidson though. Mine wasn't even that sensible :)
2013-08-21 09:08:17 +1000Arc of Infinitely dragging out the story? (The plot isn't bad exactly, so far, just one episode worth for two shown so far)
2013-08-21 14:06:03 +1000So when the hell does this Amsterdam/Tegan subplot become even slightly relevant?!
2013-08-21 14:07:14 +1000Oh hey, moments later... There it is. A link.
2013-08-21 18:11:58 +1000That scream from Nyssa is one of the worst in the series to date. Dreadful!
2013-08-21 18:16:50 +1000Davison gets to play a non-Doctor character during his tenure. Yay! He joins Hartnell, Troughton and Tom Baker. And Colin gets in early too!
2013-08-21 18:27:07 +1000That was a terribly long chase. Lame ending. A even lamer return of Tegan. Eugh
2013-08-21 18:27:30 +1000such a shame that Davison-as-Omega never got to meet Colin-as-Maxil though! Hehe. #DoctorWho #Hindsight #ArcOfInfinity
2013-08-22 13:22:23 +1000Snake Dance. Uh, Nyssa, your old outfit rocked. This one, not so much
2013-08-23 01:24:45 +1000Snake Dance, ep3. Another scream from Nyssa. I know #DoctorWho is infamous for screaming companions, but seems to be far worse under JN-T!
2013-08-23 02:00:03 +1000so.. uh... that was it? That was... poor. Snake Dance. Not very good!
2013-08-23 08:53:57 +1000Oh, it's Turlough. I always wondered how he shows up. Fwiw, the only Turlough I've previously seen is The Five Doctors.
2013-08-23 08:55:57 +1000Oh, hullo Brigadier!
2013-08-23 09:09:43 +1000The decor in this ship is truly fantastic!
2013-08-23 09:19:55 +1000So... Has The Brig taken stupid pills for this story? I mean, he was always straight, but never actively thick!
2013-08-23 09:25:25 +1000Ahhhhh, it's plot related. That's reassuring. I wasn't sure given how daft the writing has been of late!
2013-08-23 13:26:45 +1000The Timey Wimey ness of this story is great. Also, time differential. Yay for reference I now get ;)
2013-08-23 22:47:28 +1000Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

It was a bit jammed in there, but they got it. I'm ok with the for the 20th anniversary year
2013-08-23 22:54:59 +1000Interesting implication that The Doctor is a timelord _because_ of ability to regenerate. Does that mean his final body isn't a timelord?
2013-08-23 22:58:52 +1000Mawdryn Undead? I really liked that one! =D
2013-08-24 12:37:13 +1000The heart of the TARDIS is quite different for Turlough than it was (will be) for Rose!
2013-08-24 20:19:38 +1000So. Terminus. Why is Nyssa so sick, when Tegan was almost abducted by the infected yet shows no signs?
2013-08-24 20:20:56 +1000Also, I like the idea that the universe could be started so trivially, but seems too easy to destroy it thus. The Master would have?
2013-08-24 21:03:46 +1000So Terminus ended a bit... Terribly :/
2013-08-24 21:04:12 +1000However, Goodbye Nyssa. You have been a good, if underused, companion.
2013-08-25 01:39:56 +1000Enlightenment... well, ok. Where is Wowbagger then? He needs to show up and insult the other immortals here!
2013-08-25 15:22:49 +1000New celery! Nice :)
2013-08-25 15:28:16 +1000This story is screaming out for Space Battleship Yamato to blaze right in!
2013-08-26 08:53:44 +1000So Enlightenment was good. Really really good! One to keep in mind to revisit I think :) #DoctorWho
2013-08-26 09:19:51 +1000And The Doctor is knighted! Huzzah!
2013-08-26 13:38:55 +1000The Five Doctors! 20th anniversary ep. It's only taken me 6months! ...And I only have 3 months left for the next 30 years... #DoctorWho
2013-08-26 13:40:05 +1000Fwiw, I have seen this one a few times before, so watching the special edition this time :)
2013-08-26 13:49:49 +1000New console. Huzzah!
2013-08-26 13:56:34 +1000Ahhh, Bessie too. I know all these bits, and I know the story is a bit naff. But I do love it all so!
2013-08-26 14:01:43 +1000"A man is the sum of his memories you know. A timelord even more so" —The Doctor - Peter Davison #DoctorWho
2013-08-27 01:34:29 +1000so many possible tweets. I'm being slack. Nice to see Liz Shaw again, even if she's a fake. Shame no Benton
2013-08-27 01:56:04 +1000awww, Jamie! And Zoe! (and a bubble-wrap dress apparently. oh dear...! But, yay nonetheless! =D
2013-08-27 02:06:20 +1000So, was that a hint of Who theme that Davison played on the harp? :) // This Borusa is a real dick! // Yay for reversing the polarity, etc!
2013-08-28 10:21:31 +1000There were a lot of doco stuff I watched alongside the Five. Finally on to season 21 :)
2013-08-28 10:26:31 +1000Btw, The Five Doctors is the last story I think that I saw as a 'child'. I've seen none of 21 before, and 6/7th seen as teen or adult only
2013-08-28 10:43:46 +1000So the Doctor runs like a fugitive, instead of trying to bluff it. What a shame.
2013-08-28 10:46:50 +1000Nice Troughtonesque 'when I say run, run. Run!' there. Terrible "drowning" though
2013-08-28 14:00:54 +1000This story is... To be polite... Quite bad!
2013-08-29 08:26:12 +1000After Warriors of the Deeply boring, lets see if there can be some Awakening! (Boom tish)
2013-08-29 08:36:20 +1000Crack in time!
2013-08-29 08:45:04 +1000Oh, that crack breaking was fantastic! #DoctorWho The Awakening
2013-08-29 08:57:03 +1000"You speak treason!" / "fluently!" —The Doctor has the best responses! Hehe
2013-08-29 14:34:23 +1000The Awakening = good. Now Frontios. Fashion styles are all a bit sameish in this era so far. Shame. I like #DoctorWho best for its diversity
2013-08-29 14:40:33 +1000"Don't panic" ((thump TARDIS console))

Hehe :)
2013-08-29 14:51:16 +1000Failure proof tech that failed! :)

This script has good stuff so far
2013-08-29 14:58:18 +1000Omg wtf TARDIS destroyed?! #Frontios has one of the best cliffhanger yet! #DoctorWho
2013-08-29 17:56:32 +1000Now I want a hatstand like that. Best hatstand ever!
2013-08-29 17:58:48 +1000the Hungry Earth... I didn't know that story title was a reference back to here. Neato!
2013-08-29 18:10:20 +1000"A risk shared is a risk doubled" —The Doctor
2013-08-29 22:14:10 +1000"we've got to find the way out" — Tegan / "sometimes it's easier to look for the way in, and then work backwards" —The Doctor. #DoctorWho =)
2013-08-29 22:21:59 +1000Driving a planet around eh? Sounds like an old Dalek plot...
2013-08-29 22:33:00 +1000The TARDIS was split up was: unexpected. Cool though. Not sure about the end - wasn't the "middle of the universe" only a few stories back?
2013-08-30 08:35:11 +1000Resurrection of the Daleks! This story is pretty so far :)
2013-08-30 13:32:07 +1000It's also pretty solidly a piece of the time war (even if it was only named in retrospect)
2013-08-30 13:34:02 +1000Oh, and origin of the two Dalek factions too? Neato!
2013-08-30 17:55:16 +1000Oh, The Doctor intends to commit...

...this story got dark!
2013-08-30 18:13:05 +1000Huh. I wonder how Davros gets out of that one? Dark ending. I really liked that #DoctorWho Resurrection of the Daleks
2013-08-30 18:15:21 +1000"I you stop enjoying it, give it up" —Tegan's aunt Vanessa. Goodbye Tegan. That was very well done. Eyes are leaking! #DoctorWho
2013-08-30 20:19:59 +1000Oh, hello Kamelion. And Peri too!
2013-08-31 11:53:32 +1000I do like the interior of the Masters TARDIS better. Not so white overload
2013-08-31 12:42:55 +1000Goodbye Turlough. Nice to finally see your backstory. (Shame Planet of Fire was a bit rubbish)
2013-09-01 22:58:55 +1000Caves of Androzani. Very very good so far. First cliffhanger was gold!
2013-09-02 00:37:40 +1000The social commentary here is great. The cynicism too!
2013-09-02 01:35:36 +1000I'm sure I've seen this quarry before!
2013-09-02 01:36:26 +1000And I don't mean that facetiously. I mean this exact camera angle looks familiar from another story!
2013-09-02 01:37:25 +1000(Note to future self: near start of Androzani episode 4)
2013-09-02 02:03:58 +1000T. Baker and Davison were the Doctors that I grew up with. It's a real milestone for me to now have seen all for both #DoctorWho
2013-09-02 02:04:28 +1000Androzani as a story? Wow. That was amazingly good. I see why it has the reputation that it has!
2013-09-02 02:06:16 +1000That's my favourite regeneration sequence too. Bam! Interesting to note the main effect had been used in prior story plus earlier in this
2013-09-02 02:07:29 +1000And so, finally, goodbye Davison. #DoctorWho
2013-09-02 08:32:06 +1000Hello Colin Baker (I'm only three days behind schedule now. Improving!)
2013-09-02 08:38:50 +1000The Sixth really is full of himself early on :/
2013-09-03 01:01:37 +1000The Twin Dilemma: I can see what they were going for with Colin Baker... but it's just not working yet. And this story: far too pantomime
2013-09-03 08:22:48 +1000Have I mentioned that the title sequence for the sixth Doctor is my least favourite?
2013-09-03 08:26:29 +1000Oooh, chameleon circuit fixing. I remember seeing scenes of that as a kid. I think it may have been a bit of a news event!
2013-09-03 08:31:47 +1000Argh, Peri is so pink, and has turned fretting up to eleven
2013-09-03 08:34:40 +1000Hello Totters Lane! Cute reference :)
2013-09-03 19:19:50 +1000What an odd attempt to reconcile various Cyberman histories!
2013-09-03 23:05:24 +1000These Cryons would have been ok in the 60s, but their head gear looks ridiculous in higher def colour, and modern style, etc!
2013-09-04 00:53:52 +1000Interesting to see a half-converted cyberman. First time? Rest of the story is rubbish though
2013-09-05 08:39:47 +1000Vengeance on Varos... A story on some voting folly, where folks vote against their own long term benefits. Hello Australia? :(
2013-09-05 08:42:30 +1000The Doctor just gave up. How rubbish :/
2013-09-05 08:57:52 +1000Connery here reminds me of Christian Bale a bit
2013-09-05 09:09:57 +1000Nice meta cliffhanger. I always like a hint of self-awareness in my TV and movies :)
2013-09-06 08:24:33 +1000Varos was pretty decent overall, but watching the extended scene of the Doctor and Peri in the TARDIS is very disturbing. :(
2013-09-06 13:52:57 +1000Mark of the Rani... This master says he has two hearts? But he has a Traken body! First hint that the Traken has twin hearts?!
2013-09-06 19:34:16 +1000The Rani's TARDIS is pretty cool! Looks good inside and out and remote controlled!
2013-09-07 15:36:36 +1000There were tweets I forgot to make in Rani. No matter, it wasn't that good.
2013-09-07 15:38:45 +1000The Two Doctors. Troughton and Jamie (@WhoFrazer) again. Huzzah!
2013-09-07 17:27:11 +1000@tardisrandomize a few, yeah, but nothing much to tweet about (except yes, masters TARDIS interior :)
2013-09-07 17:47:24 +1000I am quite tired of The Sixth already. He's such an arse, still.
2013-09-08 21:29:25 +1000So remind me again why they went to Spain? Apart from an uncommon outdoors, the location does nothing for the story in the least!
2013-09-09 02:32:55 +1000I'd seen this story before, mostly interesting this time because I'm vegetarian now! Some good refutals of anti-vegetarian logic within :)
2013-09-09 13:58:23 +1000Timelash. Good outfit, Peri. Terrible doctor, still. And belts huh? How safety conscious... *rolls eyes*
2013-09-09 22:52:41 +1000The android voices remind me of Portal :)
2013-09-10 00:23:33 +1000"I didn't realise dieing heroically was such a strain on the nerves" —Herbert, Timelash. #DoctorWho
2013-09-10 09:08:19 +1000"I'm a doctor, not a magician" ..from Revelation of the Daleks. A deliberate reference? :)
2013-09-10 09:16:23 +1000So my feeling towards the Sixth? An he fuck off an regenerate already? I have a whole season to go yet! :/
2013-09-10 18:29:25 +1000Alexei Sayle on Doctor Who. Yeah, wasn't expecting that. Has anyone written a crossover with #TheYoungOnes? :) #DoctorWho
2013-09-10 18:32:52 +1000I'm quite impressed with the visi-screen overlays in this story. Nice effects sell the technology :)
2013-09-10 18:41:03 +1000I do like the meta implications of talking through/to the screen in this :)
2013-09-10 18:45:10 +1000Flying Daleks! Yeah! Take that 2005! :P
2013-09-10 18:48:48 +1000The Rock'nRoll gun kills #Daleks! Muahahahaha! Best thing ever! Someone should remix this scene with Knights of Cydonia #DoctorWho #Muse
2013-09-10 18:53:47 +1000Soylent Hate is Daleks.
2013-09-11 13:31:46 +1000Trail... I actually like this theme version :)
2013-09-11 13:33:09 +1000And this model work is STUNNING. :)
2013-09-11 13:39:35 +1000The Doctor has mellowed at least. He's still arrogant, but not nasty it seems :)
2013-09-11 18:36:13 +1000The Doctor has Beeblebrox envy. He wants three hands! :)
2013-09-11 18:38:39 +1000These robot units should be merch! :)
2013-09-13 09:34:58 +1000It's Brian Blessed. ...sorry, I mean; IT'S BRIAN BLESSED!
2013-09-15 03:54:11 +1000Well, that was a shitty ending for Peri.

Aaaaand, hello Mel.
2013-09-15 05:36:21 +1000Omg. That scream!
2013-09-15 13:13:03 +1000I love the bridge display on this ship. Galaga was cute too
2013-09-15 13:20:27 +1000I am quite proud that I picked up on the translator before it became a plot poor! Also, cool aliens. I call them Gaim ;) #Babylon5 #ToaTL#10
2013-09-15 13:29:26 +1000Mel Screamscore. 2 cliffhangers out of 2. 100%
2013-09-15 23:18:31 +1000Eugh. That trip (Mel) was terrible.
2013-09-16 00:53:51 +1000It's telling that, instead of watching the final 17minutes of #TrialOfATimelord, I instead played #Carageddon for an hour. #DoctorWho
2013-09-16 00:57:22 +1000Ok. It was worth tuning back to for Glitz :)
2013-09-16 01:11:35 +1000I like the Timey-wimey introduction of Mel (as accidental as I'm sure it was). Less impressed by the Valeyard reveal at the final scene
2013-09-17 23:35:06 +1000So I saw 4 and 5 growing up. Mostly missed 6. And saw some 7 as a realisation that I was a fan. Have affection for 7th's titles. #DoctorWho
2013-09-17 23:39:29 +1000Nice table!
2013-09-18 01:12:15 +1000Mel can stop screaming now. Really! I like her character. Not her screams though. :/
2013-09-18 13:41:20 +1000Should note: I have affection for these titles, but not the logo. Always thought it was rubbish.
2013-09-18 23:38:35 +1000CGI title sequences? #StarTrek (Voyager): 1995. #Babylon5: 1993. #DoctorWho: 1987. So that's pretty neat.
2013-09-19 00:43:35 +1000Red Kangs are best!

Who's best?

Red Kangs Red Kangs Red Kangs are best!

(Blue Kangs are cowardly cutlets)
2013-09-19 01:31:16 +1000Another deathbot! There should be a compilation of them. From the War Machines forward :)
2013-09-19 09:22:45 +1000These caretakers are fun. It's like a Face (The #ATeam) and Hitler (#The Third Reich) double team
2013-09-19 14:33:37 +1000That yellow pool cleaner? That should be merch. It's cvte!
2013-09-19 14:36:58 +1000Interesting that the TimeLords were so worried about mind/brain transfer they (apparently?) killed Peri off. But it's casual here #DoctorWho
2013-09-19 14:50:44 +1000Oooh, that was a very subtle "...Doctor who..." in the script there
2013-09-19 14:53:24 +1000Oh, graffitied TARDIS. "RED KANGS ARE BEST" :)
2013-09-19 14:58:21 +1000Goodbye Pex. That's the first time in many stories that my eyes have wanted to leak. #PexLives
2013-09-19 22:50:22 +1000There is the umbrella that I love! It's the only diegetic '?' that I like. I think they missed a trick by not using one in the logo though)
2013-09-19 22:59:59 +100050s bus in space is a fantastically cute idea. Realisation of the idea is less impressive though :/
2013-09-20 01:20:26 +1000so why cannot I find a Delta and the Bannermen / Back to the Future crossover/mashup eh? #DoctorWho #BTTF
2013-09-20 14:15:41 +1000The Doctor wants a classic earth bike with advanced tech? Garibaldi/Lennier have one of them #DoctorWho #Babylon5
2013-09-20 14:19:29 +1000Also, Ray is such a proto-Ace isn't she? The last time we had a proto-companion before the real one was before Romana?
2013-09-21 01:14:07 +1000Sabalom Glitz! And Ace! Hello! :)
2013-09-21 02:22:30 +1000Nice working of "McCoy" into the script there :)
2013-09-21 20:20:22 +1000oh, that dragon looks very Alien inspired, what? Dragonfire #DoctorWho
2013-09-21 23:37:41 +1000oh, that classic iso grid texture is STILL showing up. When did that originate again? Pertwee?
2013-09-22 00:34:10 +1000so, goodbye Mel. Your screaming totally let you down. You were OK apart from that. Hello Ace! #DoctorWho
2013-09-22 01:34:37 +1000"Your species has the most amazing capacity for self deception, matched only by it's ingenuity when trying to destroy itself" —The Doctor
2013-09-22 11:03:43 +1000Did I remember to tweet the "ooh, five rounds rapid" reference? I think it was Glitz, in Mysterious Planet, or something. Anyway...
2013-09-22 11:04:14 +1000FLYING DALEKS! I remember this making the news as a kid. #DoctorWho
2013-09-22 11:28:54 +1000Nice self reference there! Yay!
2013-09-22 16:53:30 +1000Special weapons Dalek! Awww YEAH! KABOOM!!
2013-09-23 08:56:40 +1000More #DoctorWho stories need a harmonica playing bluesman.
2013-09-23 08:57:33 +1000Oh btw. Pink TARDIS. Hah. Not as cool as the white one from the Mind Robber though
2013-09-23 14:13:21 +1000As a story about the psychology of control and necessity of sadness, that was good. Almost great. #DoctorWho The Happiness Patrol
2013-09-23 23:14:57 +1000Blues last episode. Jazz this one. I like this direction :)
2013-09-23 23:16:49 +1000Fez! Fez's are cool.
2013-09-24 08:36:07 +1000Silver Nemesis definitely fails on the "it's explained" stakes. And this isn't even the first one I've seen it.
2013-09-24 08:36:39 +1000I so remember the Doctor laying head downwards on the hill. Always thought that was cool!
2013-09-24 14:29:18 +1000It's kind of neat that the Doctor navigates around this story in the TARDIS so well. Shame about the story he's navigating around...
2013-09-24 14:39:31 +1000The boom box that The Doctor built for Ace is actually pretty neat. Merch!?
2013-09-24 17:55:54 +1000The Greatest Show In the Galaxy. So, that's not a subtle nod to itself now, is it? ;) #DoctorWho
2013-09-24 18:11:16 +1000There is a definite Mad Max feel to bits of this. Well, that trike, mainly!
2013-09-24 23:49:52 +1000"Anybody remotely interesting is mad... in some way or another." —The Doctor
2013-09-25 02:25:11 +1000I think that end explosion will remain the best in classic #DoctorWho (4 stories to be proven wrong ;)
2013-09-25 09:22:29 +1000Hello, Brigadier :)
2013-09-25 09:31:19 +1000Liz Shaw reference. Nice :)
2013-09-25 09:35:52 +1000Robot coins! Nice :)
2013-09-25 09:48:03 +1000I think that this counts as the last story that I've never seen before. Merlin! ;)
2013-09-25 13:52:59 +1000"Don't worry Brigadier, people'll be shooting at you soon" —The Doctor
2013-09-25 14:07:43 +1000Bessie! =)
2013-09-25 14:15:07 +1000Woah. When McCoy says stop, he has stopping power! That gave me chills.
2013-09-25 19:59:34 +1000The Destroyer makeup is fantastic!
2013-09-25 20:27:01 +1000And so, finally, goodbye Brig. #DoctorWho
2013-09-26 18:01:07 +1000"Hate world. Hate freeness. It bites" — Control. #DoctorWho Ghost Light
2013-09-26 18:02:45 +1000Nice HHG reference there, Doctor. "Earthmen never invite their ancestors around to dinner"
2013-09-26 18:08:45 +1000Jabberwocky! =)
2013-09-27 08:32:38 +1000Curse of Fenric is also nailing "proper creepy like" :)
2013-09-27 08:48:14 +1000It's nice to see some real variation in the weather on Who :)
2013-09-27 08:59:30 +1000"The Pawns are fighting together now" -Russian soldier. Nice.
2013-09-27 09:03:13 +1000Ace's faith! Yeah!
2013-09-27 12:34:27 +1000In contract to my earlier tweet, I confess I may not have seen Survival complete. I can only claim to have seen ALL Who after this one...
2013-09-28 00:05:37 +1000Enjoying Survival. I hadn't seen it all before. Not much else to say. One episode left!
2013-09-28 12:32:00 +1000RT @abciview: Iview is celebrating Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary with 11 exclusive classic stories. For details, see our FB page http://t.c…
2013-09-28 17:52:23 +1000So I've been reading along with the @wifeinspace blog as I've watched, and now reached their end point. Thanks Neil & Sue. It's been fun :)
2013-09-28 20:18:53 +1000The movie. Managing to be American style blunt with explanations for those new, and full of old series references. Way to appeal to nobody!
2013-09-28 20:19:51 +1000The regeneration is good though. Shame about the Frankenstein cuts blunting it :/
2013-09-28 20:20:47 +1000TARDIS interior is the best it's ever been though. Before or since! :)
2013-09-28 20:41:48 +1000And so The Doctor is half human. Riiiiiight. It's the one bit of the movie I really object to.
2013-09-28 20:50:11 +1000Obligatory a chase. Sigh.
2013-09-28 21:11:14 +1000Humanian Era?
2013-09-28 21:15:29 +1000Why is the TARDIS full of autumn??
2013-09-28 23:28:46 +1000And... After waiting so SO long since the movie, finally... Rose! #DoctorWho
2013-09-28 23:48:32 +1000I love how The Doctor gives this electrifying and unforgettable speech about who he is, and then says to forget him. Hah. As if! #DoctorWho
2013-09-28 23:55:34 +1000Also, hello Mickey. I actually think you're pretty cool, and quite hard done by, especially by Rose.
2013-09-29 00:00:04 +1000"fantastic!" =D
2013-09-29 20:04:34 +1000The End Of The World. This is the... third time we've seen this? Also, drink after. Very #HHG ish. #DoctorWho
2013-09-29 20:21:20 +1000What a rubbish sun filter.

Also, Bad Wolf Scenario :)
2013-09-29 22:57:35 +1000The Big Bad Wolf.

Yeah, I'm going to quote/name them as I see them (if I remember :)
2013-09-29 22:59:22 +1000What I save in time from @wifeinspace blog, I make up with two @PhilSandifer posts a day now (if I keep to schedule!)
2013-09-29 23:09:23 +1000#TheFirst said time cannot be rewritten. Not one single line. #TheNinth says time is in flux. Can be rewritten in a <snap>
2013-09-30 23:15:04 +1000Bad Wolf graffiti. How iconic! #DoctorWho
2013-09-30 23:17:56 +1000Sorry Big Ben.
2013-10-01 00:37:32 +1000Rory waited 2000 years - a hero. Mickey waited one year - made into a joke. This early treatment of Mickey is really off-putting. #DoctorWho
2013-10-01 23:21:09 +1000oh, I'd forgotten just how great Harriet Jones was. Nice :)
2013-10-01 23:21:39 +1000Dalek. Set in 2012!

*giggles* #DoctorWho
2013-10-01 23:24:00 +1000Attention all personnel! Bad Wolf One descending!
2013-10-01 23:43:03 +1000I do like how, in one scene, and one rotating middle section, the #Daleks became properly scary again #DoctorWho
2013-10-02 20:21:56 +1000Hello, Fourth Great and Bountiful human empire!
2013-10-02 20:25:00 +1000Why can't I get Bad Wolf TV here? :<
2013-10-02 20:49:43 +1000Well, the rumours were ALMOST correct. The walls are actually made of COLD. #DoctorWho The Long Game
2013-10-03 21:22:20 +1000More Bad Wolf graffiti. Energize!
2013-10-03 21:39:12 +1000"Watson, come here. I need you"

Surprisingly few time travel paradox stories in #DoctorWho
2013-10-03 23:42:41 +1000Moffat does like to make the TARDIS phone be a _phone_, eh? #DoctorWho The Empty Child.
2013-10-03 23:54:43 +1000Hellllllooooo... Captain Jack! ;)
2013-10-05 11:21:26 +1000"Go. To. Your. Room!"

Best cliffhanger resolution. Ever.

2013-10-05 11:42:39 +1000So is forgotten about Jack's missing memories. Two years worth. It's a backstory is like to see explored #DoctorWho
2013-10-05 11:58:01 +1000Schlechter Wolf!
2013-10-05 12:14:34 +1000"Everybody lives Rose. Just this one... EVERYBODY LIVES!" —The Doctor

(seriously, this ending makes my eyes leak!) #DoctorWho
2013-10-06 00:06:41 +1000The BLAIDD DRWG project.

Just sayin'.
2013-10-06 21:39:34 +1000I remember seeing this the first time and having the biggest 'omg wtf, this is the coolest!" reaction. And I don't even LIKE Big Brother! :)
2013-10-06 21:54:55 +1000...courtesy of the Bad Wolf Corporation.
2013-10-06 22:19:50 +1000Some fans may dislike that cliffhanger, but I love it. The Doctor declares WHAT he's going to do, but has no idea HOW. And neither do you!
2013-10-07 00:22:43 +1000Does Rose know she has a Vorlon inside her now? #DoctorWho #Babylon5
2013-10-07 01:45:19 +1000I thought that regeneration scene was ...fantastic! (But not the second and third and fourth time we saw that effect)
2013-10-07 20:12:54 +1000Seen more "Doctor Who?" puns in the series to date than I knew existed. But that one from Jackie is one of the worst. Christmas Invasion
2013-10-07 20:13:23 +1000Jackie asks "what else has he got two of?" ... sorry Jackie. Wrong alien. You're wanting Zaphod Beeblebrox #HHG #DoctorWho
2013-10-07 20:24:51 +1000U.N.I.T! ...and properly this time :)
2013-10-07 22:16:58 +1000Ahhh, the healing power of an English cup of tea. Also very Hitch-Hikerish :) #HHG #DoctorWho
2013-10-07 22:28:09 +1000"Not bad for a man in his jim-jams. Very Arthur Dent. Now there was a nice man" — The Doctor. This was SUCH a #HHG story :)
2013-10-07 23:39:30 +1000I miss Eccleston, but I do like Tennant. So far, those two are "my" Doctors of the new series (and Tom and David for the old. McCoy too)
2013-10-07 23:47:24 +1000The Duke of Manhattan might be turning to stone, but has nothing on the Duke of New York, who simply rocks #EscapeFromNewYork #DoctorWho
2013-10-08 00:01:07 +1000Once again, mind transfer between bodies is trivial plot possibility here, even though major plot catastrophe elsewhere. Not that I care :)
2013-10-08 21:09:56 +1000I LOOOOOOVE the wirework of the red robed kung-fu monks at the start of Tooth and Claw #DoctorWho
2013-10-08 21:13:49 +1000ahhh, and a Jamie McCrimmon reference too. I'd forgotten that! Neato! :)
2013-10-08 21:16:49 +1000oh oh oh, and of course, return of Pauline Collins to Doctor Who too! I know who she is now more than I did the first time I saw this story!
2013-10-08 21:20:47 +1000I'd forgotten all the (not) hidden treats in this episode. Torchwood too!
2013-10-09 21:55:44 +1000Hello Giles! I wonder who else we'll meet this episode? #Buffy #DoctorWho
2013-10-09 22:06:14 +1000Hello Sarah Jane Smith. You're from one of those other shows also called #DoctorWho, right? #DoctorWho #CrossingTheStreams
2013-10-09 22:17:00 +1000Hello K9! Welcome to the company. Nice of your TV show to drop in too. #K9andCompany #DoctorWho
2013-10-09 22:37:35 +1000Sarah Jane is the wise soul of the show. Even now. K9 is the shooty dog thingy of the show. Even now...
2013-10-09 23:25:32 +1000Goodbye K9. That was a noble way to go
2013-10-09 23:28:19 +1000"Some things are worth getting your heart broken for" —Sarah Jane Smith.
2013-10-09 23:30:48 +1000And finally... HELLO K9! Good doggie. Affirmative. #DoctorWho
2013-10-10 00:27:03 +1000Blue swirly space and a spaceship with spiny bits. Reminds me of early #Babylon5
2013-10-10 00:36:35 +1000"It is customary I think, to have an imaginary friend only during ones childhood. You are to be congratulated on your persistence"
2013-10-10 01:01:04 +1000"I'm not winding you up" did I miss that pun the first time?! :)
2013-10-10 01:14:59 +1000That story is flawed, but so full of tragic pathos. I cant help but enjoy it though. It ends so quietly.
2013-10-10 22:30:57 +1000hello alternate universe. Hello Cybermen (you look pretty, but you aint the originals)
2013-10-10 23:04:21 +1000Mickey is finally taken seriously as a character in this story :) Partly cos he's grown up, partly that the show can't keep mistreating him
2013-10-11 21:53:24 +1000A Five Doctors reference for Battersea Power Station. Nice. (also, Battersea as a Zeppelin mooring rig. Genius! (and #PinkFloyd reference?)
2013-10-11 22:13:37 +10006879760

Just checking! #cybermen #DoctorWho
2013-10-11 22:56:05 +1000Cant ever go back to that parallel universe... except, you know, for those half a dozen times the plot dictates you can... *sigh*
2013-10-11 22:56:28 +1000I *love* that Mickey left on his own terms, as a hero. #MickeyFan #DoctorWho
2013-10-12 22:14:42 +1000The Idiots Lantern was fun, but didn't make me want to tweet. Moving on. I love the cliffhanger from the cold open of Impossible Planet :)
2013-10-12 22:26:34 +1000I dearly love the visual effect of the black hole. #DoctorWho Impossible Planet.
2013-10-14 00:10:36 +1000The Satan Pit... gotto say, both these episodes... some of the quiet haunting music is fantastic. Gold's best perhaps.
2013-10-14 19:57:49 +1000Love and Monsters, and, Fear Her. I remember them as the low of the season, but I didn't think either was terrible or anything. Let's see...
2013-10-14 21:23:25 +1000L&M. I really like the moral message of the ep. That's what saves it.
2013-10-14 22:01:46 +1000Edible ball bearings. Genius!
2013-10-15 21:07:02 +1000Hello Torchwood!
2013-10-15 21:47:58 +1000"They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine" —The Doctor
2013-10-15 21:48:28 +1000Btw, I do love the Torchwood logo. Just to throw that out there.
2013-10-15 23:22:34 +1000Doomsday. I know this has so many fantastic quotes. I may not keep up. #DoctorWho
2013-10-15 23:28:44 +1000And finally. #Daleks meet #Cybermen "It's like Stephen Hawkins meets the speaking clock" —Mickey #DoctorWho
2013-10-15 23:31:01 +1000"Daleks have no concept of elegance" / "This is obvious"
2013-10-15 23:31:47 +1000"This is not war. This is pest control"
2013-10-15 23:33:03 +1000"You are superior in only one respect" / "what is that?" / "you are better at dying"
2013-10-15 23:45:00 +1000"SOCIAL INTERACTION WILL CEASE!" ...this is such a perfect SMS alert don't you know? ;)
2013-10-16 00:01:00 +1000"I'm never gonna leave you". Not sure is Rose is being passive aggressive, or just trying to RickRoll the doctor.
2013-10-16 00:05:12 +1000So why didn't the TARDIS get sucked into the Void??
2013-10-16 00:10:33 +1000Bad Wolf Bay
2013-10-16 00:16:02 +1000That story ends so fantastic. But I think it's a slight shame that the episode ends with the first 20 seconds of the next story...
2013-10-16 22:44:51 +1000The Runaway Bride. What?!!
2013-10-16 22:56:39 +1000Im remembering how much I hated Donna in this story, but LOVED the TARDIS chase scene
2013-10-17 00:08:00 +1000Gallifrey!
2013-10-17 20:46:00 +1000Smith and Jones. I like Martha here. Also, The Doctor hints at a brother!
2013-10-17 23:10:47 +1000"Crossing into established events - strictly forbidden. ...Except for cheap tricks" —The Doctor channeling Ford Prefect
2013-10-17 23:57:56 +1000So at the end of Smith and Jones, The Doctor notes the handbrake as part of taking off...
2013-10-19 23:13:31 +1000The Shakespeare Code - as annoying for it's Shakespeare fanboyism as I found it the first time. (though some fun references nonetheless)
2013-10-19 23:53:36 +1000Completely insane - and a bit magnificent. Yup, that's The Doctor! #Gridlock #DoctorWho
2013-10-20 13:10:32 +1000So basically, I really like Gridlock. And hooray for the Face of Boe saving the day! =)
2013-10-20 17:39:01 +1000Daleks in Manhattan. So. Stylistically it would have been hard to go wrong, and it didn't disappoint. But story is terrible. #DoctorWho
2013-10-21 00:03:47 +1000Lazarus Experiment. Nice "reverse the polarity" reference there :)
2013-10-21 20:42:25 +100042 huh? I can't imagine anything that that title might be a sly nod to...
2013-10-22 01:30:57 +1000Logical brain knows that The Doctor must survive to the next story. But emotional brain totally bought the danger to him in 42. #DoctorWho
2013-10-22 18:55:45 +1000Journal of Impossible Things. And references to classic series! =)
2013-10-22 19:17:31 +1000Save the day with a cricket ball. How very Davison of Tennant!
2013-10-22 19:20:41 +1000Sydney and Verity as parents. I knew the reference before, but makes my heart truly swell this time around =)
2013-10-22 20:09:35 +1000The scarecrows are so well realised :)
2013-10-22 21:59:35 +1000Oh, I'd forgotten how well that story ended. So beautiful. One of the best. Human Nature / Family of Blood. #DoctorWho
2013-10-23 00:23:42 +1000First time I heard about #Blink, as another "Doctor-lite", thought the idea had been ok once (L&M), but didn't hold further hope. #DoctorWho
2013-10-23 00:24:04 +1000Naturally, the first time I saw Blink, it was late at night with a housemate. This time, it's late at night, but I'm alone...
2013-10-23 00:35:22 +1000the letter from the past is very 'end of #BTTF2' :) #DoctorWho
2013-10-23 00:46:41 +1000"From a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... ... stuff" — The Doctor
2013-10-23 00:58:22 +1000Life is long... and you are hot... (My eyes aren't leaking at all. This is me not blinking. Not even blinking)
2013-10-23 01:04:19 +1000"The Angels have the phonebox". Yes, I think I need that on a Tshirt too! Merchandise!
2013-10-23 01:19:06 +1000Blink remains as awesome a story today as it ever was. Truly one of the all time best #DoctorWho stories.
2013-10-24 00:35:01 +1000Before I continue with the three part season finale (or is it 1+2?!), gonna watch the Infinite Quest :)
2013-10-24 00:38:04 +1000Bill Oddie heaven! Hah. That's a totally cute reference :)
2013-10-24 00:49:18 +1000Skeletons in spacesuits eh? Wonder when I'll see that idea again...
2013-10-24 01:19:37 +1000A promise of all the gold he could eat eh? How very Monty Python. Also, Gold, not Cold, Fusion. Cute
2013-10-24 13:51:01 +1000Hello again, Captain Jack!
2013-10-24 13:52:08 +1000(Golly the Doctor is an arse for trying to avoid Jack)
2013-10-24 14:04:08 +1000That tribe gives off a very Mad Max feel... #Utopia
2013-10-24 18:42:40 +1000I LOVE the buildup of tension in the second half of Utopia! Great use of music too #DoctorWho
2013-10-24 22:29:06 +1000The Master's Voice echoing in Professor Yana's head, along with drums. So well done!
2013-10-24 22:34:35 +1000Same regeneration effect? (Well, more or less). That's a bit of a let down IMHO. And actually looks worse than The Doctors one!
2013-10-24 22:39:15 +1000"This country needs a Doctor" —The Master. Possibly the best taunt ever ;)
2013-10-24 23:03:30 +1000The Sound of Drums. Nice views of Gallifrey. And nice to see both traditional timelord outfits in play :)
2013-10-24 23:08:43 +1000TARDIS keys as S.E.P field generators. Nice one. #HHG
2013-10-24 23:14:32 +1000Cute that The Masters jacket has a red trim - reminds me of Pertwee's capes!
2013-10-24 23:18:46 +1000And now he has jelly babies! Is he mirroring all the Doctors? In retrospect, I can see Hartnell (Jacobi), but Troughton is a stretch.
2013-10-24 23:31:06 +1000The RTD era is magnificent when it comes to making use of contemporary music diegetically.
2013-10-25 01:12:16 +1000The Face of Boe. Mystery revealed, or heightened?! :)
2013-10-25 09:24:50 +1000Oh, hello again Peter Davison!
2013-10-25 09:26:37 +1000Oh, Time differential. Didn't I notice that term earlier in the show? Ie, Moffat didn't invent it, just rediscovered it.
2013-10-25 09:29:14 +1000Two minutes to Belgium. Works in both #DoctorWho and #HHG ;)
2013-10-25 09:34:43 +1000To days to come / All my love to long ago — The Doctor and The Doctor
2013-10-25 23:52:48 +1000The space ship liner Titanic is cool, but, predictably for me, not a bar on the StarShip Titanic. Thanks Douglas Adams ;)
2013-10-26 14:17:33 +1000Didn't like Donna much in Runaway Bride, but couldn't join the hate when her return was announced. The show is about TIME TRAVEL after all!
2013-10-26 14:34:46 +1000...and that communication-by-miming sequence pretty much won me over. Especially the end with them being spotted and not noticing as such
2013-10-26 15:55:15 +1000Donna calls her "Mad Martha". I wonder if that was a reference to one of the prominent torrents of the era?
2013-10-26 23:08:40 +1000Pompeii... I like the reference back to The Romans. And also to The Empty Child. Volcano day! :) (how much of Jack's scam tech is around?)
2013-10-26 23:12:16 +1000oh, a City of Death reference too! (modern art!) ...also also, isn't this episode just a breeding ground for future Who regulars! ;)
2013-10-27 10:54:04 +1000Hello, Ood. And Oodsphere. (yay, Sensesphere reference :)
2013-10-27 21:40:15 +1000Feels like a proper U.N.I.T introduction. And nice hat tip to the dating controversy :)
2013-10-28 01:20:24 +1000hah. A nice Empty Child reference too :)
2013-10-28 08:49:50 +1000"I'm not impossible. Just a bit... Unlikely" —The Doctor.
2013-10-28 09:37:28 +1000The implied promise was that Jenny would return. Has yet to happen, and the 50th is around the corner, so fear it never will :/
2013-10-28 17:44:14 +1000And into the Agatha Christie story. I read a bunch of her mysteries as a kid. I remember liking the Poirot ones, and hating Marple.
2013-10-28 17:57:30 +1000This was meant to be a comedy, but it didn't quite gel for me first time. Loving it this time though! =)
2013-10-29 08:57:46 +1000Silence in the Library has SUCH a good cold open. Lovely!
2013-10-29 08:59:14 +1000Monty Python's Big Red Bok. In The Library.
2013-10-29 09:10:50 +1000Hello River Song. (Feels like the start of the end now! The final stretch to the 50th)
2013-10-29 09:12:19 +1000"If you understand me, look very very scared., bit more scared than that" —The Doctor
2013-10-29 17:56:14 +1000For an episode all about keeping out of the shadows, nobody does much attempt to keep in the light for many scenes! </pedantic>
2013-10-29 18:05:12 +1000Skeletons in space suits. Not unlike the Infinite Quest... But better here (even if not pirates! ;)
2013-10-29 22:00:07 +1000The doctor expected a busy library at the start. Yet only 4022 visitors to the whole planet?!!
2013-10-30 09:57:18 +1000So @wifeinspace stopped at the TV movie, and I overtook @PhilSandifer back at Voyage Damned. Lonely run to the end (and am 6 days behind!)
2013-10-30 10:15:24 +1000Midnight - a story about hysteria. All but uncontrollable. This story gets under my skin. Creepier than Blink.
2013-10-30 14:00:15 +1000Turn Left... The Doctor is dead...
2013-10-30 14:01:34 +1000Oh hello Rose. You're back, spoiling the memory of your exit years ago...
2013-10-30 14:05:54 +1000Oh, I'd forgotten they killed of Sarah Jane Smith in this story. That is so doubly sad now. ...Leaking eyes
2013-10-30 19:01:28 +1000I love how the Time Beetle thing is reminiscent of the Planet of the Spiders, including clumsy model style :)
2013-10-30 19:18:03 +1000bad wolf. Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf! (bad wolf) Bad Wolf. Bad (Bad Wolf) Wolf. ...bad wolf... Bad Wolf. BaD WoLf. BAD WOLF. (Bad Wolf). BAD WOLF!!!
2013-10-30 19:19:16 +1000I thought bringing Rose back was a bit weak. But the BAD WOLF TARDIS is so powerful. Like, WOW. Love it. #DoctorWho
2013-10-30 22:56:40 +1000Hello Martha. Hello Jack and Torchwood. Hello Sarah Jane. Did you all know that your planet has been stolen?
2013-10-30 23:04:12 +1000EXTERMINATE? ...oh, hello Daleks. You're here too huh?
2013-10-30 23:05:16 +1000ULTIMATE CODE RED
2013-10-30 23:09:57 +1000Calufrax Minor eh? Wasn't Califrax the victim of The Pirate Planet? From memory...
2013-10-30 23:22:26 +1000Hello again, Harriet Jones (I know who you are)
2013-10-30 23:59:18 +1000Goodbye Harriet Jones. You've had a most interesting story arc!
2013-10-31 00:01:25 +1000Oh, Hello Davros. Do join the conversation :)
2013-10-31 00:11:30 +1000Same regeneration effect... AGAIN. Sigh. And that "TO BE CONTINUED" was totally unnecessary too!
2013-10-31 09:44:26 +1000So that regeneration-to-the-hand I thought was naff at the time. Still do. Messed up anyone caring about "12 regeneration limit" though! :)
2013-10-31 09:49:12 +1000I do like the Daleks speaking German :)
2013-10-31 10:01:54 +1000The meta-crisis Doctor. Because the 10th had too much arrogance for just one body.
2013-10-31 13:21:10 +1000@Darcrider @EarlMoray he wouldn't have tolerated the competition. ;)
2013-10-31 18:01:21 +1000@Natira_NRW is bet there will be some blunt Bad Wolf references, but not overdone (doubt the Bad Wolf TARDIS will return for eg)
2013-10-31 18:02:32 +1000The Daleks here are less about conquering, and more like the Krikkitmen. Becoming the only species in existance.
2013-10-31 18:03:28 +1000(But I prefer Hactar's Supernova Bomb :)
2013-10-31 18:08:37 +1000I love that Sarah Jane Smith and Davros recognise each other! :)
2013-10-31 18:17:01 +1000Pushing Daleks around? That's very old school. I like it :)
2013-10-31 18:24:49 +1000I also love that Gwen's link to Gwyneth is finally explained :)
2013-10-31 18:25:46 +1000Hello K-9!!! :)
2013-10-31 18:27:36 +1000Otoh, the super TARDIS towing the Earth? Still bugs me. Not as much as it did the first time, but still a cop-out IMHO :/
2013-10-31 18:41:23 +1000Donna gets a moving, touching exit... But it's also utterly lousy. Mind wiped! :(
2013-10-31 18:43:56 +1000Tennant does "emotional in the rain" scenes fantastically.
2013-10-31 23:04:04 +1000The Next Doctor huh? I wonder who that might be?
2013-10-31 23:06:26 +1000I think I like this new "Doctor"s outfit better. Just the right amount of steampunk. Also, steampunk Cybermen!
2013-10-31 23:16:02 +1000Easiest sonic screwdriver prop ever!
2013-10-31 23:29:53 +1000Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. TARDIS. Smooth! :)
2013-10-31 23:36:33 +1000Classic era clips shown! Boo-yah! Hehehe
2013-11-01 08:20:20 +1000Planet of the Dead. I recall this being basically fun - but not living up to it's hype.
2013-11-01 08:57:39 +1000So why doesn't The Doctor tell UNIT where his TARDIS is, so they can throw it through the wormhole to him??
2013-11-01 18:19:40 +1000Hello Mars. (No trespassing). I'll be looking for a pyramids reference...
2013-11-01 21:45:42 +1000Name / Rank / Intention ... The Doctor / Doctor / Fun
2013-11-01 23:29:00 +1000This may just rank as the most forgettable story. I certainly have seen it before. And none of this climax rings any bells
2013-11-01 23:39:42 +1000Big turning point in the story of the Tenth. But still a yawns me story on its own.
2013-11-02 01:30:10 +1000@Natira_NRW I haven't seen castle, but don't mind. I know Who (and most TV) only runs via copious amounts of Plot Filler™ :)
2013-11-02 20:16:21 +1000The End of Time. Hello again, Wilf.
2013-11-03 01:47:50 +1000I got distracted and watched Dreamland. Back now. So, what's up with superpowers Master anyway?
2013-11-03 16:40:48 +1000Is it just me, or does the Untempered Schism look strikingly similar to a Stargate? :)
2013-11-03 17:22:19 +1000So, part 2 of The End of Time. Thoughts? Wilf does Star Wars. Plot moves slow. Master makes no sense. Most of the plot too. RTD burnt out?
2013-11-03 17:34:58 +1000I so like The Master taking revenge for his condition though, and this saving things. That's a plot turn I enjoy
2013-11-03 17:40:13 +1000And it being Wilf who knocks four times? Another plot turn I like :)
2013-11-03 17:46:42 +1000The Doctors reward maybe shorter than the Pertwee chase reward. But TV plot moves faster today. It's terribly drawn out. :(
2013-11-03 17:47:28 +1000...goodbye Sarah Jane Smith. Goodbye. <3
2013-11-03 17:59:47 +1000The reward is a lovely character (and production team) goodbye. But makes no plot sense, and pacing fail. So yeah. scores one out of three.
2013-11-03 18:02:22 +1000Hello again Ood Sigma. The plot point of the Ood's accelerated development never got touched again did it?
2013-11-03 18:05:15 +1000....and yet another regeneration using the same effect. That's four times now? Seriously bored/disappointed by that now
2013-11-03 18:10:48 +1000And, Hello the Eleventh. Eleventh month... Last run now. (When I say run... )
2013-11-03 22:08:17 +1000"Am I people? Do I even look like people? Trust me. I'm the Doctor"
2013-11-03 22:24:35 +1000Broadcasting to the whole world - to all A/V equipment? That's very HHG ;) (no, I'm not obsessed at all! Hehe)
2013-11-03 22:42:28 +1000"The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall" —Prisoner Zero. (I didn't realise they were all seeded this early!)
2013-11-03 22:51:20 +1000I always like the onscreen references back to the classic series. :)
2013-11-03 23:05:44 +1000Yeah, still don't like this new console room. Time rotor in particular - it now looks like an unfortunate sex toy
2013-11-04 08:23:37 +1000The Beast Below. The future versioned (but not so often scifi'd) of UK society tropes is pretty neat in this
2013-11-04 08:26:54 +1000Amy's floating. The Doctor has her by the ankle and looking up at her having fun. She's wearing a nighty?!!
2013-11-04 08:34:28 +1000Cute reference to Magpie Electrical :)
2013-11-04 14:04:58 +1000I do think the Daleks look great, decked out in British WW2 battle camo!
2013-11-04 14:27:23 +1000Otoh, the hunchback teletubby Daleks are just... Terrible. (I'll concede the eyestalk is nice, but even then, not the goat eye within)
2013-11-04 14:36:27 +1000Timeline is WTF. 20 min till Germans reach London, and they get gravity bubbles from theory to built, installed on planes, and in orbit!
2013-11-04 22:43:24 +1000It's River Song again. Breaking out of jail in very shiny, but impossibly impractical, stilettos.
2013-11-04 23:33:27 +1000So, I like some of the conceits of the returned Angels. Talking through Bob is neat. As is reproducing (I assume) through images :)
2013-11-04 23:34:03 +1000Otoh, they're shown as seeing each other and that not stoning then. So, er... ?!
2013-11-05 09:01:28 +1000Oh, and we see them move on-screen. Moving stone. That's way disappointing, really.
2013-11-05 14:14:13 +1000"I'll explain later" —Amy uses the classic line to Rory in Venice
2013-11-05 14:20:04 +1000Love the Hartnell library card :)
2013-11-05 20:25:28 +1000The Doctor is asked if he can stand another dead race on his conscience. Asked to remember. ...are they ever mentioned again?!!
2013-11-05 21:16:13 +1000Is it just me, or so the cold opens gets significantly longer this season? With Moffat in general?
2013-11-05 21:37:39 +1000Oh, nice reference back to The Doctor's one-time vegetarianism!
2013-11-05 21:46:37 +1000I was going to note all the Bad Wolfs, but I'm sure I missed some. Let's see if I can note all of Rory's deaths. This is dream death...
2013-11-06 08:56:54 +1000Oooh, a story starting with Welsh miners. Feels like old times. I don't imagine a returning alien/monster/etc will be here too...? ;)
2013-11-06 09:29:34 +1000Oh, hello Silurians. I like the new look!
2013-11-06 14:14:07 +1000Ah hah! It IS Stephen Moore. I thought I recognised the voice from the intro. Very 'Man in the Shack' sounding ;) #HHG #DoctorWho
2013-11-06 17:54:45 +1000Rory shot by Silurians, but then erased from existence. I guess that's #2
2013-11-07 08:18:53 +1000RT @BBCWales: Steven Moffat: "#DoctorWho never changes very much... You don't tamper with perfection!"
2013-11-07 08:18:53 +1000RT @BBCWales: BBC Cymru Wales Director, Rhodri Talfan Davies opens ‘An Evening with Steven Moffat': "The 50th will be like nothing you've e…
2013-11-07 08:20:04 +1000Just retweeted two from @BBCWales on topic #DoctorWho. Mixed messages much?
2013-11-07 08:55:26 +1000Vincent and The Doctor. Gets to be that awkward story where Rory doesn't exist, but they're not going to deal with it yet.
2013-11-07 08:56:27 +1000Nice reply to the Genius of Shakespeare with the genius of Van Gogh! :)
2013-11-07 09:19:42 +1000I do love how Vincent and mental illness is handled in this story. A complex issue well handled. #DoctorWho #depression
2013-11-07 09:35:29 +1000And Vincent at the exhibition for him... Is a gorgeously moving scene. :)
2013-11-07 10:22:32 +1000Totally ballsy to pull focus from self portrait of Vincent, to the actor. But he does so well. It works :) Kudos to Tony Curran. #DoctorWho
2013-11-07 17:56:05 +1000Awww, Craig and his not-yet-gf are so cute in their shyness. I'd go so far as to call them cvte :)
2013-11-07 18:11:27 +1000That CGI soccer ball is very realistic! They do a good job of it to make Matt Smith look good on the field ;)
2013-11-07 18:25:17 +1000The headbutt telepathic link is hilarious. Also, more classic series refs. I like them, but almost feels like Moffat is trying too hard
2013-11-07 22:01:52 +1000Well, Pandorica Opens sure opened with a long and Rube Goldsberg
-esque message delivery!
2013-11-07 22:06:35 +1000Why would a Cyberman head be just laying on the ground at Stonehenge??
2013-11-07 22:25:00 +1000Cyber head tentacles? Creepy. Cyber head snapping? Corny.
2013-11-07 22:26:38 +1000Aaaaand, hello again, Rory.
2013-11-07 22:45:57 +1000the scene of Amy finally remembering Rory is quite moving :)
2013-11-07 22:48:19 +1000(At least, it is till he shoots her! ...damn Auton programming)
2013-11-07 22:54:42 +1000Goodbye, universe!
2013-11-08 08:25:34 +1000Richard Dawkins running a "Star cult"? Hehe. Why not?!
2013-11-08 08:29:56 +1000"Ok kid. This is where it gets complicated" ...First time I was WTF. This time, biggest grin. Couldn't help it
2013-11-08 08:32:29 +1000"I could do with a ridiculous miracle about now" — Rory.

(Moments later: The Doctor! :)
2013-11-08 08:49:45 +1000"Time can be rewritten". I think that's pretty much Moffat's idea touchstone for #DoctorWho. Has been said so much!
2013-11-08 08:54:03 +1000The Big Bang basically hinges on treating Amy Pond as a piece of fairy cake. As in, a Total Perspective Vortex. #HHG #DoctorWho #NotObsessed
2013-11-08 08:57:08 +1000"Rule one. The Doctor lies" —River Song. #DoctorWho
2013-11-08 09:11:43 +1000"We're all stories in the end" ...That could be taken as The Doctor acknowledging himself as The Master of the Land of Fiction. Right? ;)
2013-11-08 09:15:44 +1000Ok. By my count, Amy has had three different childhoods now. (Original, starless, and rebooted/with-family). Did I miss any?
2013-11-08 09:24:32 +1000So basically, the TARDIS is the ultimate wedding gift? Yeah, fair enough. I'd get married for that ;)
2013-11-08 09:28:34 +1000Ok. Still unresolved: what drew the TARDIS to then and made it blow up.
2013-11-08 13:19:39 +1000This starts so very Star Trek! (Deliberately so, naturally). A Christmas Carol seems like a perfect fit for a time travel show! :)
2013-11-08 13:36:26 +1000Universally recognised as a mature and responsible adult? ...the lie too big for the psychic paper :)
2013-11-09 23:09:48 +1000So, yet ANOTHER regeneration with the SAME BORING EFFECT. Sigh.
2013-11-09 23:31:39 +1000Brave heart, Canton. (Nice reference :)
2013-11-09 23:39:46 +1000And there it is. Same console as in The Lodger. Does that make any sense? I don't remember.
2013-11-10 00:14:28 +1000@Darcrider I think Moffat has a lot of unfinished plot threads. Trying to track them this time so as to be a bit more definitive about it
2013-11-10 00:48:08 +1000@Darcrider I'm ok if Doctor was wrong about attempt at TARDIS. But was it (Lodger) a Silence ship? If so, why? If not, why same controls?
2013-11-10 18:08:31 +1000Day of the Moon. They sure set about killing almost everyone off quick smart! Good tension building :)
2013-11-10 18:46:10 +1000I seem to recall other aliens influencing earth culture too. Wonder how they interacted with The Silence. Anyone know who I'm thinking of?
2013-11-10 19:07:31 +1000even if the repeated effect was good that time so we knew it was a regeneration, seriously production team, GET A NEW REGENERATION EFFECT!
2013-11-10 19:20:44 +1000@Darcrider yeah. It's a great effect, just overused. This is the (9->10, master, metacrisis, 10->11, 11th "death", kid) 6th time?!
2013-11-11 00:03:57 +1000That had everything! Pirates, holograms, betrayal, family drama, parallel universes. how did it all add up to be so utterly BORING?!
2013-11-11 00:43:31 +1000Next is The Doctors Wife, but it's getting late. One for the morning then...
2013-11-11 09:17:20 +1000Well, damn. I thought I had these episodes on the tablet. Apparently not. I'm not trying to put it off! Honestly!
2013-11-11 21:13:27 +1000So...The Matrix is the "soul of the TARDIS" now?? Huh?
2013-11-11 21:17:32 +1000Is forgotten about the Ood. That's a nice touch :)
2013-11-11 21:30:15 +1000@Darcrider not really. At least, not till I finish this episode and post thoughts :)
2013-11-11 21:33:19 +1000House has an excellent voice. Perfect pitch and timbre to really feel... Magnificent and friendly, yet distant too
2013-11-11 21:35:12 +1000Oh yes, and I should have said... Hello Idris!
2013-11-11 21:39:25 +1000Time lord message cube are way cool. I want one as a night light! (I think we first saw them with Troughton? Or Pertwee? So, nice reference.
2013-11-11 21:59:29 +1000I like the junkyard TARDIS console and especially that it disappears in an energy sphere! ...reminiscent of McCoy title sequence :)
2013-11-11 21:59:59 +1000Oh, Rory died. House/TARDIS death.
2013-11-11 22:02:39 +1000I also like the idea that the TARDIS can archive ("archive") future console rooms. Very Timey Wimey.
2013-11-11 22:06:10 +1000RTD era console room! I love that they resurrected it for this one story. Hee!
2013-11-11 22:12:16 +1000"Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Timelords" / "Fear me... I've killed all of them" (such a great exchange :)
2013-11-11 22:17:48 +1000"The only water in the forest is the river" ...I don't recall that being brought up again either. Was it? Or another lost plot thread?
2013-11-11 22:22:02 +1000ok. so. A lot of tweets for that episode. I had to. I had to find the positives. Because without those, I LOATHE this story. It is FUCKED UP
2013-11-11 22:22:41 +1000...and most of that, to be honest, is due to Idris. Reducing the wonder of the TARDIS down to a humanesque personality is bad enough...
2013-11-11 22:23:27 +1000...but for that personality to then turn out to be a manipulative, passive aggressive bitch? That is totally multidimensional fecal matter.
2013-11-11 22:24:04 +1000The Doctor's Wife should have come with a trigger warning for anyone who has been in a psychologically abusive relationship.
2013-11-11 22:25:05 +1000"Bitings excellent. It's like kissing, only there's a winner" no. NO! Kissing has TWO winners. Biting, as she did it, was abuse
2013-11-11 22:27:30 +1000"I always took you where you needed to go" ...that's irrelevant. You DO NOT STAY in a relationship with someone like that. You just don't.
2013-11-11 22:30:31 +1000…so whilst this was otherwise a pretty good episode, those two quotes episomise why I cast this out of my personal Who canon. Because Idris
2013-11-11 22:31:35 +1000(btw: I vaguelly recall NewAdventure writers being told off for too much personification of the TARDIS. But haven't found reference :/
2013-11-11 22:32:23 +1000quote from A Christmas Carol: "this is amazing" / "nah, this is transport. I keep amazing... out here!"
2013-11-11 22:34:56 +1000(final note: I'm ok with the TARDIS being a truly alien intelligence (Edge of Destruction), just not a passive aggressive manipulative one)
2013-11-11 22:35:36 +1000@Darcrider so, hi. I finished ranting. What did you want to note about the Matrix / TARDIS soul?
2013-11-11 22:39:04 +1000Pointed out to me that the forest/river line is a reference to River Song. duh! Glad that that's sorted :) (thanks @MaelstromBeta)
2013-11-11 23:59:31 +1000@Darcrider I don't discount the books, but neither have I read most. I can accept it can be explained, but none is given, so it's jarring
2013-11-12 00:01:35 +1000@Darcrider interesting timeline then. Idris/Tardis supposedly stole Hartnell. So when did Matrix=Idris happen?! (apart from Timey Wimey?)
2013-11-12 00:02:31 +1000@Darcrider also, if Matrix=Idris, then she doesn't really mesh with the previous Matrix being repository of all knowledge, etc.
2013-11-12 00:03:24 +1000@Darcrider personally, I think the easiest solution to the "problem" is that it's a different context/meaning for the word "Matrix".
2013-11-12 00:04:10 +1000@Darcrider indeed it was. He played that well. Deadpan with hints of sadness and malice both.
2013-11-12 00:04:43 +1000@Darcrider cool. I was basically too lazy to look it up ;)
2013-11-12 00:15:15 +1000Muse. Such appropriate Who music. (Almost as appropriate as Pink Floyd would be, given the right scene :)
2013-11-12 02:01:05 +1000@Darcrider well.... Eye of Harmony I think is more problematic now you mention it, but yes. best solution nonetheless :)
2013-11-12 02:01:57 +1000Hello Ganger-Doctor. Matt Smith joins the long (but not unbroken) tradition of actors who double up whilst playing The Doctor.
2013-11-12 09:59:52 +1000I like how the GangerDoctor goes through past personalities. Even so far as to sample (or is it a mimic?) Tom Baker's voice
2013-11-12 10:15:37 +1000I also REALLY like how Rory doesn't seek refuge with the others, but aims to help. He's the first human to get it. A great character moment.
2013-11-12 10:42:35 +1000I really like the swapped shoes/identities trick to show up humanities (the viewers too?) prejudices.
2013-11-12 10:43:10 +1000Btw, doesn't this mean that The Doctors boots are "flesh"?
2013-11-12 10:46:58 +1000Melting the flesh Amy though, after a two parter proclaiming the flesh as equivalent in personhood. That's harsh.
2013-11-12 10:48:01 +1000@Darcrider yup. That bit of the movie got the same reaction from me too.
2013-11-12 19:13:23 +1000@MaelstromBeta and/or that the writing is poorer than it should be!
2013-11-12 19:17:00 +1000@Natira_NRW I think the situation is different (and justified) in that fleshAmy is a non-consensual avatar, not own self. Poorly written tho
2013-11-12 19:19:36 +1000It's stormy outside. Kind of like the title sequences at the moment. Speaking of which, time for a good man to go to war...
2013-11-12 19:33:58 +1000Oh, I'd forgotten that the Cybermen have a cameo here. Subtle design update too!
2013-11-12 19:41:43 +1000REMEMBER:
1. It's not sonic
2. It's not a screwdriver
2013-11-12 19:58:29 +1000Hello Madam Vastra, Jenny, Strax.
2013-11-12 19:59:31 +1000@Darcrider a good man goes to war (I'm one episode behind my timetable to finish before the 50th)
2013-11-12 20:06:39 +1000River knows its Demons Run because "I'm from his future. I always know", the whole "spoilers" thing gets broken at some point.
2013-11-12 20:10:06 +1000@Darcrider I see them as a whole different enemy to the classic "Mondas Cybermen". New enemy, new rules.
2013-11-12 22:46:53 +1000@Darcrider for Nightmare in Silver, I heard it said that the two forms had joined, hence so suddenly powerful. Not sure where I heard it tho
2013-11-12 23:23:05 +1000@Darcrider My source would appear to be:…
2013-11-13 00:22:02 +1000Good Man Goes To War... is pretty intense. This season seems to have stories that are great, or terrible. This one I'd call great.
2013-11-13 08:49:42 +1000I'm ok with whimsical titles. But less so when it's whimsy about killing. Even when it's killing Hitler.
2013-11-13 08:52:05 +1000Crop circles with a mini? That's cool!
2013-11-13 08:54:00 +1000So between Good Man, and Hitler, can only assume that River and the Ponds had a LOT of catching up, and they got home... Somehow
2013-11-13 09:03:59 +1000The antibodies are pretty cool. Implementing death. Tingling sensation - then death.
2013-11-13 09:10:21 +1000Yet another regeneration effect. Identical. Sigh.
2013-11-13 09:17:08 +1000Oh yeah. And she gets the effect twice. I won't count this as an extra, but I have lost count.
2013-11-13 09:38:35 +1000Cute run through of companions
2013-11-13 09:41:00 +1000Effect #3 for this regeneration. And an extra confusion point for anyone trying to count regenerations of The Doctor!
2013-11-13 20:01:39 +1000I'm ok assuming Amy and Rory had plenty of time to get over Melody childhood weirdness. But to then do a story about a kid growing up? Gar!
2013-11-13 20:02:30 +1000It's cute how blasé Rory is about the possibility that he's died again.
2013-11-13 20:15:16 +1000The Doctor says he has old eyes. Says it, but I just don't see it. Maybe because I notice mouths more than eyes, and he acts a young mouth.
2013-11-13 20:17:56 +1000@EarlMoray Matt Smith. (I've been tweeting about Amy and Rory for over a week :) currently watching Night Terrors
2013-11-13 20:33:01 +1000@EarlMoray I only see the eyes and weary rarely. Am enjoying Smith more than the first time around, but he's still a young Doctor to me
2013-11-14 08:59:19 +1000Planet of the Coffee Shops? Sounds like the worst thing. Was there a Coffee Shop Event Horizon? The survivors evolve their taste buds away?
2013-11-14 08:59:37 +1000The stark white setting in the intro looks great here btw :)
2013-11-14 09:25:38 +1000I really dislike how Amy waits and becomes such a bitch.
2013-11-14 09:33:49 +1000@MaelstromBeta yes, duh. But not the point (or HHG reference) I was making. Planet of the mango fudge would be pretty bad too.
2013-11-14 09:49:27 +1000Lens flare was cool in Christmas Carol as a Trek reference. But repeated throughout the season is getting a bit old :/
2013-11-14 09:52:50 +1000The Girl Who Waited does have a moving ending. ...The self sacrifice and internal conflict of old Amy
2013-11-14 09:55:08 +1000@MaelstromBeta sure, but as opposed to Rory who waited 2000 years... It's like they're trying to make her look bad in comparison
2013-11-14 19:48:16 +1000The God Complex... this is presented as a fun mindfuck at the start. Love it
2013-11-14 22:17:11 +1000They manage to hide the Minotaur for the first half, and don't even name him till 2/3 way through. Tis nicely paced
2013-11-15 01:02:13 +1000Rita is fantastic btw. She could have been a magnificent companion. On tea: "I'm British. It's how we cope with trauma. That, and tutting"
2013-11-15 01:05:41 +1000However... Goodbye Rita. I think you and Ray (Delta and the Bannermen) may be my two favourite single story companions.
2013-11-15 01:16:50 +1000I don't see the fuss about the "Amy Williams" line. It's in tune with everything the Doctor is saying in that scene.
2013-11-15 01:18:37 +1000Nice reference back to the Nimon. I didn't pick that up the first time :)
2013-11-15 01:27:20 +1000Goodbye Amy and Rory. Well, kind of :)
2013-11-15 01:28:12 +1000So, gotta say, despite earlier comments, in this story I think Smith very much does come across as old and weary. Especially the ending
2013-11-15 03:29:28 +1000Love how Smith gets cultural traditions awkwardly wrong (eg greeting with cheek kisses). IMHO it's a great take on The Doctor :) #DoctorWho
2013-11-15 08:21:42 +1000[ Btw: Night of The Doctor: wow. I squealed!! (At 0:20) And nice War Games reference at 3:30) But mostly: wow!! =) #DoctorWho #SaveTheDay ]
2013-11-15 08:30:50 +1000Closing Time. I love the "redecorated, don't like it" reference :) (and, Hello again, Craig)
2013-11-15 08:33:06 +1000Btw, I do like the Doctor's new longer coat (I know he's had it for a few stories now, though not sure when exactly)
2013-11-15 08:35:50 +1000"Stormaggedon. Dark Lord of All". Yeah, he should come back as an adult with same name ;)
2013-11-15 08:42:57 +1000K9 reference :). And nice hint about the lift by its lights. (Ps: Cybermen!)
2013-11-15 08:48:48 +1000Awww, Rory and Amy :)
2013-11-15 08:55:16 +1000The sonic shoots a beam now?!!
2013-11-16 23:05:13 +1000The wedding of River Song. Here we go!
2013-11-16 23:10:23 +1000This implication of this "live chess" is pretty cool.
2013-11-16 23:11:16 +1000It's a cave of skulls! Niiiiice.
2013-11-16 23:15:00 +1000I think that's the first mention of the Fields of Trenzalore?
2013-11-16 23:19:39 +1000Nice refs to Rose and Jack. And... Goodbye Brig. Lovely reference. Bit meloncholy. Well weaved into the story though.
2013-11-16 23:48:46 +1000That final question was a bit laboured. Also, that episode seemed quite short this time. Weird :)
2013-11-16 23:52:46 +1000@Natira_NRW I think you're thinking of the cave from Wedding of River Song :)
2013-11-17 00:54:10 +1000A lemonade tap. Best thing? I know!
2013-11-17 00:54:36 +1000And nice Back To The Future reference :)
2013-11-17 00:55:20 +1000What am I watching? Oh yeah. The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.
2013-11-17 01:09:14 +1000"There are sentences I should just keep away from" —The Doctor
2013-11-17 17:38:37 +1000Daleks. Lots and lots of Daleks. Nice to see the original(ish, non tellytubby ones anyway) ones back :)
2013-11-17 17:49:19 +1000Rory at bottom of deep hole after falling to a planet? He should say "zootlewurdle" next. A Flavian Pobble bead if you get the reference =)
2013-11-17 17:53:30 +1000Dalek zombies!
2013-11-17 17:57:50 +1000Special weapons Dalek! Yeah!!
2013-11-17 18:12:58 +1000Amy loved Rory so much she kicked him out... This makes NO SENSE since she couldn't, apparently, have just, you know, TALKED to him!
2013-11-17 19:53:35 +1000Hello Brian.
2013-11-17 20:08:43 +1000It's an... Wait for it... Ark in Space!! :)
2013-11-17 20:21:40 +1000Wasn't the ship the size of Canada? Or did I mishear? If it's hitting the atmosphere it's waaaaaay too late. Way.
2013-11-17 20:33:53 +1000So, killing Solomon like that, so deliberately, is pretty harsh by The Doctor's normal standards :/
2013-11-18 08:52:50 +1000The left ear of my headphones seems to be busted. (Yes, this IS relevant to the plots! Have mercy! ;)
2013-11-18 09:20:53 +1000"Violence doesn't end violence. It extends it" — The Doctor.
2013-11-18 09:33:10 +1000I still can't work out if suicide was a brave way to end that story, or a copout. (Apply that both in-story and to the writer)
2013-11-18 19:01:48 +1000Intro to Power of Three. Makes "real life" seem dull. :/ Compare to RTD era which openly fawned over the specialness of "everyday life"
2013-11-18 19:03:39 +1000I do like that the black cubes appear as the inverse of the white timelord message cubes. Wonder if that was intentional?
2013-11-18 19:05:19 +1000Brian Cox cameo. That's neat!
2013-11-18 19:09:49 +1000The cubes have twitter accounts? Craxy. Why would someone cross #DoctorWho and twitter? ;)
2013-11-18 19:13:04 +1000The Doctor can't handle being patient. Comes across as hyper. This is why he strikes me as a young Doctor. Not an old one. :(
2013-11-18 19:15:47 +1000…then the Doctor denigrates Rory's job as "little". Basically, he's acting like a young spoiled arse in this episode so far :( #NotMyDoctor
2013-11-18 19:28:56 +1000Mexican hat dance cube! Yeah!
2013-11-18 19:30:11 +1000It is cool having a Lethbridge-Stewart as head of UNIT again.
2013-11-18 23:25:05 +1000Episode ends with The Doctor proclaiming how great humanity is & UNIT saying our best hope is each other. Yet it's The Doctor who saves us
2013-11-18 23:26:07 +1000A terrible ending which tells us how great we are, but utterly fails to SHOW it. That's Moffat era all over for me. More tell than show.
2013-11-19 08:22:39 +1000Back in New York. I feel a bit like nuWho is a bit obsessed with this city.
2013-11-19 08:24:28 +1000I feel they don't linger enough anymore on "the statues move, that's creepy" before moving to "scary teeth angels"
2013-11-19 08:27:59 +1000So I'm ok with Lady Liberty being an Angel. They control the city. Less ok with Angels able to move whilst in the sight of another angel.
2013-11-19 08:48:51 +1000Regeneration energy usage eh? How does that mess with the numbers?
2013-11-19 08:49:05 +1000Ok. Baby angels are cool idea. Baby angels playing with each other, eyes open, and moving? Angels have jumped the shark. :(
2013-11-19 09:03:46 +1000...and Rory has died again. Another different way! (Didn't count gravestone before. Too ambiguous)
2013-11-19 09:05:49 +1000The city that never sleeps... Would have made it HARDER for the Angels to keep operating. They'd be better off in Dark City, surely?
2013-11-19 09:06:24 +1000Also, where are The Silence in all this?
2013-11-19 09:12:45 +1000I do like that Rory is self aware of his own deaths, and can use it to his advantage.
2013-11-19 09:13:30 +1000Amy and Rory. The most romantic mutual suicide pact in history?
2013-11-19 09:20:12 +1000Has been noted at length: "why can't the Doctor visit them when they're older?". I mention it only to say that I agree. Why can't he?!!
2013-11-19 09:22:05 +1000Also unexplained: Amy asking The Doctor to rewrite her own childhood. Again. She'll have four of them then!
2013-11-19 21:51:26 +1000The Snowmen. Starts with Clara being cute and The Doctor being sulky and emo. The "Doctor Who?" reference is overdone again...
2013-11-19 22:12:58 +1000Oh yeah. New title sequence. Return of the face! *claps* yay!
2013-11-19 22:17:47 +1000Laser Monkeys!! (Just sayin' :)
2013-11-20 02:51:46 +1000(I fell asleep, so, second half) I do really like the Doctor's outfit variation that debuts here :)
2013-11-20 02:52:49 +1000Also, new TARDIS interior. I like it better than the first Moffat era interior, but less than the RTD "coral" theme. Best is still McGann's
2013-11-20 03:25:01 +1000"It's smaller on the outside" --Clara. (yeah, I really like that reaction :)
2013-11-20 09:37:02 +1000The Bells of Saint John. I like the trick of the title :)
2013-11-20 10:00:32 +1000A major London landmark as central to a plot about computers? How very The War Machines. :)
2013-11-20 10:08:57 +1000That's two Great Intelligence stories in a row. Bit of a way to broadcast the "big bad" intentions.
2013-11-21 00:17:07 +1000RT @DannyDangerOz: The Moffat Master Plan - Series 5
2013-11-21 08:22:30 +1000The Rings of Akhaten. In which we start with the Doctor as a stalker. (He must actually do this a lot to know all he knows)
2013-11-21 08:28:24 +1000So the sun/planet confusion here is sewn by bad writing/directing: The Doctor talks of alien sun, TV shows us the big glowing sunlike thing
2013-11-21 08:31:34 +1000@DannyDangerOz you touch on the main issue I have w/ Moffat era: He tells, not shows us things (Eg: River telling that 'everything changes')
2013-11-21 08:34:07 +1000Nice alien cross section though. And, Hooloovoo!! :)
2013-11-21 08:38:39 +1000@DannyDangerOz indeed, and not even always a buildup. In Power of 3 we're told that humanity can only rely on itself, saved by Deus ex sonic
2013-11-21 10:50:27 +1000@DannyDangerOz I'm ok with it getting him into the plot, but as a resolution I agree - utterly terrible and overused
2013-11-21 13:30:29 +1000These guys - the vigil? - seem to exist only to pack have another monster in :(
2013-11-21 13:33:33 +1000This is the most HarryPotter-esque the sonic has been to date. Argh!:(
2013-11-21 13:34:15 +1000Ok, so we see the planet get angry, but the words spoken are "oh my stars". This episode is poorly written, and TERRIBLY directed. :(
2013-11-21 13:39:38 +1000Planet goes bonkers. Stadium full of aliens just hang about calmly? Huh? I think nothing makes sense here. Worst story in years.
2013-11-21 13:44:19 +1000Hello different leaf. It's full of a future that never happened, yet The Doctor wasn't?!! I guess it's Mister Creosote's tiny little wafer.
2013-11-21 13:47:41 +1000Planet GOES AWAY. Not goes dark, but away. (Fuck orbital mechanics) This episode is on crack. Terribly written and made. No thought in it
2013-11-21 14:12:08 +1000This post posits an alternative Akhaten which could have been, imho, fantastic:!topic/…
2013-11-21 18:40:30 +1000Cold War. One of those rare episodes set in earth past, but during the Who transmission era :)
2013-11-21 18:41:02 +1000Also, nice Ice Warrior return :)
2013-11-21 19:00:52 +1000@atruedrwhofan also, arguably, Fathers Day. (Unarguably set during the shows era (albiet hiatus), but arguably not actually a "historical")
2013-11-21 19:57:28 +1000Love the Ice Warrior's spaceship too. Nice design :) Overall, really enjoyed that one. More than the first time even :)
2013-11-21 21:21:26 +1000So Hide was really good when it was a ghost/horror story. First half. Then it went all scifi technobabbly and fell down.
2013-11-21 21:50:42 +1000overall, I did like that. Especially the 'love story after all' twist at the end :)
2013-11-22 09:03:56 +1000The salvage of a lifetime! Yeah, makes sense. Let's journey...
2013-11-22 09:08:25 +1000"Don't get into a spaceship with a madman, didn't anybody ever teach you that?"
2013-11-22 09:11:12 +1000Hah! We finally see the swimming pool :) (and a telescope. Not quite the one from Tooth and Claw, was it?
2013-11-22 09:11:18 +1000Niiiiiice library!
2013-11-22 09:16:02 +1000Nice book on the history of the time war. Could be written by anyone of course. Well established that the Time War was known to aliens.
2013-11-22 09:29:30 +1000Seems like there should have been more Cloister Bell than we've heard thus far.
2013-11-22 09:32:29 +1000@Darcrider perhaps because an English speaker wrote it?
2013-11-22 09:49:23 +1000@Darcrider yeah, I saw some. People quickly forget even recent history of the show, let alone how easily future explanations can be crafted
2013-11-22 09:50:23 +1000@Darcrider as also seen in every "omg 12 regeneration limit, how will they get around it?!!" beat up ever.
2013-11-22 17:57:43 +1000@Darcrider @MaelstromBeta you could argue around that easy though: maybe it can/does translate gallifreyan inside the TARDIS (or library:)
2013-11-22 17:58:37 +1000@Darcrider @MaelstromBeta gallifreyan symbols on the cover are the best argument against it being translated Gallifreyan, IMHO
2013-11-22 17:59:39 +1000@Darcrider @MaelstromBeta (apologies for previous versions of these replies. I didn't notice twitter app was on wrong user!)
2013-11-22 18:53:19 +1000The Crimson Horror. Brave to not even show The Doctor for first third of the ep! I applaud the choice.
2013-11-22 18:54:21 +1000Also applaud the decision to show him damaged/injured/vulnerable!
2013-11-22 18:57:32 +1000That kiss. Sorry Smith (apparently it was your idea), you fail at Doctor style there.
2013-11-22 18:57:45 +1000Nice Tegan reference though :)
2013-11-22 22:18:13 +1000Also, cute GPS joke :)
2013-11-22 22:32:49 +1000The sonic erection joke. That is also fail :(
2013-11-22 22:35:49 +1000NOOOOObody expects the obscure Monty Python reference.
2013-11-22 22:59:13 +1000I'd have thought Clara to be bright enough to pick that maybe she's just not been to Victorian London YET, but for the same of plot, ok.
2013-11-23 09:57:18 +1000By my original schedule, should have finished yesterday. Lucky I had a day spare eh? Nightmare in Silver!
2013-11-23 10:18:49 +1000I like the updated Cybermen. Though I always assumed the possibility to use non-human organics...
2013-11-23 10:20:56 +1000Nice cycle through the past Doctors (again. Moffat seems a big fan of that)
2013-11-23 10:26:19 +1000Nice references to both gold and cleaning fluid :)
2013-11-23 10:29:12 +1000I think it might have been nice to have been shown a hint of military ability from Clara before now.
2013-11-23 10:34:26 +1000The three lines of Cybermen walking to camera is a nice visual reference to, uh, Moonbase? Something b+w anyway?
2013-11-23 10:51:03 +1000@Darcrider ahh, thank you. I missed it in Earthshock!
2013-11-23 12:16:10 +1000@kaarefc does he now? I don't think I knew he was so Python imbued!
2013-11-23 21:30:24 +1000so the 50th is a little over 8 hours away. I have one episode left to see! (then sleep, then wake early :)
2013-11-23 21:32:54 +1000and seeing Day of the Doctor at cinema too! (to me, it fits in with the other movies I've seen this week b'cos International Film Festival:)
2013-11-24 03:37:32 +1000With 8 hours before simulcast, and one ep left to watch, had blackout at home! 2 hours left, power is back. A race against time! #DoctorWho
2013-11-24 04:59:38 +1000The Name of The Doctor. LOVE the past clips. Recognise so many more of them now!
2013-11-24 05:00:30 +1000Nice TARDIS table!
2013-11-24 05:00:58 +1000The Sixth thought he'd found his grave, but it didn't bother him as a forbidden place...
2013-11-24 05:01:25 +1000Valeyard reference. Nice.
2013-11-24 05:41:21 +1000The Night of the Doctor. Did I mention this when it came out? Basically, I squealed. Cos, seriously, McGann! YEAH! So great!! Love it
2013-11-24 05:42:34 +1000(The Last Day, otoh, not so great).

So, 50 years of Who in around 10 months. I am done. ...or am I... #DoctorWho50thAnniversary
2013-11-24 05:45:11 +1000ps: seriously, 5:50am is a crazy time to be awake. Just saying
2013-11-24 14:54:57 +100050th special. Day of The Doctor. I'm seeing a lot of varying opinions in this. I'm just gonna say "well, that was pretty good :)" #DoctorWho
2013-12-10 18:40:47 +1000I'll get around to summarising my epic watch soon. (Maybe after Christmas, because regeneration). But tonight: MUSE! Relevant, right?
2013-12-26 16:23:28 +1000Time of the Doctor... Frankly, a bit underwhelmed. Didn't wrap all the things up as promised. Regeneration as deus ex machina? eugh.
2013-12-31 08:32:26 +1000Finally getting around to listening to the @ABCRadioAU's Radio Extra's Doctor Who pop up radio station with @JoelRheinberger :)
2014-01-09 18:03:11 +1000Ok. I finally have now heard John Pertwee's "Who is The Doctor". I won't go so far as to say my life is complete though! Thx @ABCNerdzilla
2014-01-10 12:00:01 +1000@ABCNerdzilla not as yet... Was it on the streams/podcasts? (Am listening to a captured stream, but it's not complete :/
2014-01-10 21:29:35 +1000@ABCNerdzilla ahh of course. I'll see if I'm in luck eventually. Probably not much listening time this week though - MOFO holiday has me!
2014-02-05 16:16:14 +1000@ABCNerdzilla Nice range of Who theme covers played during 50th b/cast! From Whomix? Am I the only one to listen to this bit of the popup?
2014-03-06 08:26:34 +1000What the hell did I just watch?!! RT @NerdologyUK: Once you’ve seen this, you can never un-see it…… #DoctorWho
2014-05-09 19:04:43 +1000I ordered mine yesterday! RT @SilvaScreen: FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LEFT! #TARDIS
2014-05-09 21:04:23 +1000@SilvaScreen very impressive. Btw, will you be saying how many were ordered? Will the final products be numbered?
2014-05-09 21:20:08 +1000@SilvaScreen fantastic. Thank you =)
2014-07-21 08:38:59 +1000Finally watching the full found Enemy of The World. This is GOOD. And Griffin the cook is as fun as ever.
2014-08-25 07:15:50 +1000New doctor? Let's review the old, finally...
2014-08-25 07:19:45 +1000Hartnell was better than I expected. Theatrical style TV. Notable story: The War Machines - for the climax where the Doctor stares it down
2014-08-25 07:22:31 +1000Troughton lived up to high expectations. Still theatrical styled. Notable story: The Enemy of the World. Just because all round superb.
2014-08-25 07:25:20 +1000Pertwee. Less sexist than I recalled from childhood! Big jump to effect laden TV. Carnival of Monsters - a rare and proper off-world story!
2014-08-25 07:28:10 +1000T.Baker. Not as many great stories as I recalled, but at his best, still defined the role. eg: City of Death. Just watch it!
2014-08-25 07:31:34 +1000Davison. A great Doctor slightly let down by his stories. The Five Doctors is most notable, which is a shame. He should stand alone.
2014-08-25 07:35:55 +1000C.Baker. I don't blame the actor, but production fail. Improved for Trial of a Timelord at least.
2014-08-25 07:40:25 +1000McCoy: his later stuff had bite again. Increasingly my favourite classic Doctor. Notable episode: Paradise Towers.

Pex Lives!
2014-08-25 07:42:23 +1000McGann: one movie, poor story, but so much potential for this Doctor. Notable: Night of the Doctor. Little more than a cameo. Yet superb!
2014-08-25 07:44:48 +1000Eccleston. Perfectly quashed doubts about the revival. Wish there was more. Notable: The Empty Child - just this once, everybody lives!
2014-08-25 07:47:49 +1000Tennant. Brought such joy to the show. A show running like a great machine. Memorable: The Impossible Planet, and Blink. Just go watch them!
2014-08-25 07:50:36 +1000Smith. I never quite warmed to him. I blame Moffat, he's smothering the show with poor execution of too many ideas. Notable: er, sorry...
2014-08-25 07:51:46 +1000Hurt. Can't let the War Doctor get away without mention, but what else to say? A class act, he's better than the writing for him
2014-08-25 07:55:00 +1000Capaldi. Has potential to be great, I cannot say more yet... :)
2014-08-25 07:56:39 +1000We now return to episode specific reviews... Take a deep breath... ;)
2014-11-09 16:37:36 +1000RT @drwhofan_194: "Never trust a hug." Yeah yeah Moffat, for a vast majority of people, they're gestures of comfort, not of deceit.
2015-09-11 09:23:04 +1000I've rebranded from 'WatchingDrWho' to scope all my fandoms. Will continue to comment on #DoctorWho, but also cover many other things :)
2015-10-20 09:36:39 +1000RT @Maisie_Williams: Ps. Add a TARDIS emoji to the list of emojis that need to be made.
2015-12-01 10:36:48 +1000A good writeup on the current state of Who...…
2015-12-10 13:17:15 +1000Retcon, but a plausible one!…
2015-12-25 11:12:18 +1000RT @SFbookclub: Doctor Who as Mister Men. Awesome.
2016-01-23 21:41:11 +1000I was excited when Moffat was announced as showrunner cos his eps were good. Then, disappointment. Not gonna prejudge Chibnall. #DoctorWho
2016-03-03 13:51:24 +1000Eccleston is my fave nu-Who Doctor. But Tennant and Tate are my fave nu-Who Doc+companion team. Woo of! #DoctorWho…
2016-03-31 10:29:33 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Galled me that I got Eurostile's spelling & width wrong in my #DoctorWho font GIF. So I redid it. Nicer. With logos. ht…
2016-04-01 08:25:49 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Because people actually asked for it (no, honestly): the leftovers & oddities of #DoctorWho title type in GIF form! htt…
2016-04-03 09:13:40 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Those interested in my #DoctorWho title type talk should go here… Every title card from 63 on (w…
2016-04-05 14:02:23 +1000At minimum, some cameo from SJA would be awesome. #ClassDW…
2016-05-25 20:14:30 +1000RT @ruzkin: #DrWho question - where did the Nixon administration get their hands on material denser than a neutron star?
2016-05-27 19:45:08 +1000My favourite console room. Though it took till the new series to accept style changes and appreciate this fully…
2016-07-25 14:23:12 +1000#DoctorWho at the rate of one tweet per episode. Feels like old times, only better than I did it. Recommended!…
2016-07-31 11:17:48 +1000Awesome @bigfinish #DoctorWho wallpaper!…
2016-08-03 20:23:43 +1000Really wish they would remake the TV movie console room. My favourite. Maybe there are rights issues to the design?…
2016-08-03 20:30:38 +1000@atruedrwhofan can only hope! (New McGann series spin-off while we're at it? :))
2016-08-28 16:38:34 +1000RT @farfromallover: A little colourisation of one of #DoctorWho's most iconic moments,
2016-09-02 09:20:42 +1000RT @farfromallover: "Great chunks of my past, detaching themselves like melting icebergs..." #DoctorWho #Legends #ThrowbackThursday https:/…
2016-09-02 16:45:52 +1000Unlike my Doctor Who epic, no deadline to finish #UnicornJelly. Prob 5strips/day start, but slow as story deepens.
2016-09-15 18:50:31 +1000It's like #DoctorWho's New-new-new-(etc)-York City joke. But several years earlier! #UnicornJelly 0045
2016-09-20 19:38:34 +1000The final panel reminds me of the Fifth Doctors regeneration 💀💀💀 #UnicornJelly 0075
2017-03-25 03:55:48 +1000RT @lukespillane: The amazing #DoctorWho @ComicRelief special has materialised on the Doctor Who YouTube channel! #RedNoseDay…
2017-07-14 14:26:48 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Apparently the YouTube link is blocked in the US so here's that magnificently cog-tastic 60s Capaldi #DoctorWho intro a…
2017-07-14 14:27:06 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Okay, yes, I'm fickle, but this is now my favourite ever thing: #DoctorWho opening titles in a 1930s style. Just astoni…
2017-07-14 14:33:04 +1000RT @claytonhickman: Oh Jesus, this is *brilliant*. I very nearly died at the stock footage of cogs 👌💯😍 #DoctorWho…
2017-07-17 08:27:47 +1000Any sane reaction is the opposite of this. #DoctorWho #Doctor13…