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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has famously written on it's cover, "DON'T PANIC" in 'large and friendly letters'

But, we ask, what does that actually look like? In what actual font or design does "DON'T PANIC" closest match that criteria?

This site asks YOU that question. Just compare two fonts, and select the one that fits the criteria best to your taste. With enough votes in the hat, a best font should rise to the top. If neither candidate really meets the "large friendly letters" criteria, we encourage you to try and choose between them as a relative comparison anyway (ie, least worst), but there is a 'skip' option as well :)

Ballots are generated automatically (and randomly, and endlessly), with rankings calculated from the votes via some clever maths. The more votes, the better.

Finally, for the sake of potential future voter demographic breakdowns, there is a (completely optional) survey too.


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Submissions of new candidates welcome!


2017 June 08
The response has been amazing so far
At time of writing there have been 282 voters on the system, with 13144 ballots generated, of which 12819 were voted on. 481 tied and 1846 skipped, leaving 10492 scoring votes!
The site has been spruiked on ZZ9 facebook and reddit (both /r/DontPanic and /r/afda)

2017 June 05
In some parts of the Galaxy, semantic satiation has become a serious problem.
The management takes no responsibility for your current state of mind!

2017 June 05
database reset, Final set of tiles uploaded (999 of them).
Is this the final release?!

2017 March 31
database reset, new tiles uploaded (only 143 across a few font families, expecting hundreds to go) and open to pre-release testing.
Please vote responsibly!

2017 March 23
final coding and testing continues, hope to have the site live within days

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